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FS2002 FS2004 Lockheed C-5A Galaxy This is a heavy logistics military transport aircraft designed to provide world-wide massive strategic airlift. The CONUS based fleet can provide delivery of palletized, oversized and outsized cargo, as well as passengers or combat-ready troops, anywhere in the world on short notice. This enormous aircraft, first known as the CX-HLS (Cargo Experimental-Heavy Logistics System) transport, was required to carry a payload of 125, 000 pounds (56, 700kg) over a distance of 8, 000 miles (12, 875km), or twice that load over a shorter distance. Two kinds of paint example (Gray paint Gray and white paint) are included. by Kazunori Ito T

Filesize: 2.48 MB | Added on: Aug 02, 2005 | Downloads: 8250

Users Reviews
FS2002 FS2004 Lockheed C-5A Galaxy a heavy logistics. Rating: 8.58 of 10 over a total of 12 reviews.

yosuaimanuel07-googlerating: 10
August 1, 2012
grazybootsrating: 9
December 20, 2011
nice to fly ,good graphics,worth be in any collection,just for experience,well done
100000553767684-facebookrating: 10
November 28, 2010
FAKP3rating: 9
July 24, 2007
Sch ne Simulation, gute Graphik, macht Spa damit zu fliegen. Sie ist nur ein bi chen schnell f r eine Galaxy
vincentgoa3105rating: 7
June 20, 2007
Good plane
tanoorating: 10
March 7, 2007
Excellent simulation
AV8R02rating: 10
July 24, 2006
C5a Flight Char. Realistic for Lg. Aircraft. Instrument Panel Very Poor Non functional photo. External Appearance Excellent Virtual Cockpit Window views No detail. Overall 9.5 Many thanks to designer Quite fun fly
Mike34rating: 7
July 16, 2006
its pretty good but the panel needs work. graphics on plane are great. overall good.
amarchrating: 9
February 3, 2006
this is like the real thing. cause ive seen a documentary about it and its brilliant likeness but gets 9 front of plane wont open up
glenhortonrating: 10
December 29, 2005
This aircraft is a pleasure to fly Knowing the size from being in USAF early 70s, it handled exactly as I expected. Of course so huge you have stay ahead of plane. Once are lined up on your approach, landing very smooth and relatively easy. The two problems that less experienced simmers may controlling power, You , when realize lower than think because sitting high. NICE JOB GUYS
pablovaldunaterating: 8
August 12, 2005
big is a great job, maybe with another panel, but i enjoy this plane.
fisharnorating: 4
August 6, 2005
Although it s obvious that the author spent lots of time and effort on this aircraft, does have many drawbacks. As Kazunori indicates, aircraft hase some bugs in 2004 don t manifest themselves 2002 so, I think should be catagorized as a 2K2 only. The main panel uses overworked photo background with mix gauges really belong together. It allias default B737 sound overall, just doesn type handling inherent large bird like C 5. states is his first attempt at project m sure he will able to improve model simple tweeking little more research. Strive for perfection reward priceless