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The Vans Aircraft Company 2005 Boeing 727-200 The Final Stage 21st Century Continuing with our internal policies we released this freeware with payware quality. This is the third of four packages and contains the Boeing 727-200 QW Quiet Wing The main characteristics are: And incredibly perfect replica of the aircraft. Every part and detail on the real aircraft youll find it in this aircraft. Full moving parts according to standards (flaps, ailerons, elevators, landing gear, stab trim, dynamic shine, etc) Wing views, hi-low diferential ailerons activated by speed, Main door, cargo bay doors, service door, ventral stairs, loss of hydraulic pressure is prefectly simulated on the kreuguer flaps, ground services (catering, fuel truck, baggage belt, baggage truck, etc. ) everything with an independent control from each other.

Filesize: 5.97 MB | Added on: Jul 20, 2005 | Downloads: 3478

Users Reviews
Vans Aircraft Company 2005 Boeing 727-200 Final Stage 21st. Rating: 6.67 of 10 over a total of 9 reviews.

coma13rating: 5
September 21, 2005
WALOC what a load of crap . The panel is not correct and s up with that....This my second attempt the third better be good
josh1780rating: 9
July 28, 2005
I like it a lot. Very real
cafea1arating: 1
July 28, 2005
whats with the cessna panel
davidbecks_23rating: 5
July 26, 2005
cant get it off the ground. elevators wont work. only problem, but quite a big one
DC7guyrating: 9
July 26, 2005
A Great download Was reading the other comments to this 727 and I had no problems with elevators or Stab pitch trim also found took off just fine , she will rotate at 155 15 deg. flaps full fuel. Airplane flies great Like Kruger diffrential slat configeration on diffrent flap settings What don t see Is all ground service equip The plane sit gate there is nothing around it Keep up good work
paparagrating: 9
July 25, 2005
Great plane Liked all the special effects too. Had to assign tailhook and wing fold functions in order get animations. But they worked fine. The only problem I have is runway length. It takes a long time this baby airborn KABE just clears house 1 4 mile off Or then again being newbie mabye my T O configuration not right.
thehunrating: 7
July 24, 2005
Unable to fly aircraft. As soon as engines start the elevators do not work with Force feedback joystick. Flyable keyboard though.
mrmerating: 7
July 23, 2005
This download is great. the plane looks good, flaps and ailerons move nicely, but i haven t seen any ground service things, just orange beacons. if one knows hot to fix this, tell me. controls are a bit heavy in air though.
maverick1rating: 8
July 21, 2005
Great down load and great catering, fuel truck, baggage belt, truck details, this would be a 10 if the plane gor of runway Elevator wont come up for take but Ailerons do work. If any body knows how to fix please let us know.