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FS2004 Swiss Military Bastion Microsoft V 1.5 2005 A (7)

Swiss Military Bastion For Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 V 1. 5 May 2005 a THINGS-TO-COME freeware release www. things-to-come. com For questions about this product please email to support_at_things-to -come. com Support Forum: www. things-to-come. com INSTALLATION Double click SMB_Installer. exe and follow instructions. ABOUT Explore the beautiful swiss alps by departing at one of many airports in switzerland and navigate to one of the Swiss Military Bastion and land safely. Although fictional, SMB gives an unrivaled perception of what to expect when landing in hi-alt low-press regions. The detailled execution of the close environment gives all the essential clues required for exact manoeuvring. Due to the structure of the SMB you are surrounded by this clues and you can sink below or r
Show more... ise above them. Trained pilots will prefer a no cockpit view while landing. This conforms to the reality, as no pilot spends a lot of time watching instruments gauges during the last seconds prior to touchdown. A hopping-tour, including all 3 landable platforms, is great fun and, if achieved, great satisfaction. Show less...

Filesize: 6.19 MB | Added on: May 24, 2005 | Downloads: 1443

Users Reviews
Swiss Military Bastion Microsoft FS2004 V 1.5 2005 a. Rating: 8.00 of 10 over a total of 7 reviews.

barbiedollrating: 3
July 16, 2005
the detail is good but missing some things
the_F22rating: 5
May 28, 2005
I liked this ad on very mutch but i would like an airstrip so could fly with my harrier and other military airplanes in the on...
davidscottrating: 9
May 27, 2005
Great for heli s. Could you add an airstrip, maybe elevated those who love to fly fixed wing. An runway much like your pads would be really challenging. With that it get a 10 versatility and design
tjlewis99rating: 10
May 27, 2005
Verry Nice
up-chuckrating: 10
May 25, 2005
Exellent i love it
flippywhorating: 9
May 25, 2005
A great scenery addon, must have if you are a helicopter person, but i gave it 9 cuz its difficult to fly at the high altitudes with certain helicopters air is so thin, wasnt for that, id give ten
groundsquirrelrating: 10
May 25, 2005
For all you frame busters out there, this is it. Great detail and a truly original theme make for an interesting adventure at 10,000 feet up in the Swiss alps. It s windy there so great chance to hone your skills pinpoint landings with vertical craft. I love