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Surclaro Boeing 727-200 for Fs2002 2004. This repaint uses tailored and picturereal textures. Vistaliners Silverjet model sound included. Textures by Exx. Livery Design by Exx Gonzalo. Model by Erick Cantu and FDE XML by Fraser Turner with base paint by Steve Drabek. Surclaro Logos, Livery and design Copyright 2005 Surclaro. com Bapsterd Design Group All Rights Reserved. Produced by Surclaro. com.

Filesize: 9.28 MB | Added on: May 17, 2005 | Downloads: 8478

Users Reviews
Surclaro Boeing 727-200 FS2002 2004. Rating: 8.66 of 10 over a total of 29 reviews.

twa7478rating: 10
December 26, 2017
Nice to have one in surclaro livery
matt.njemployee-googlerating: 9
December 3, 2012
Nice plane.
Quavesrating: 8
October 1, 2012
Almost perfect airplane. Replace the panel with that of a 727 and find way to change cockpit sound then we ll have flight sim 727. Thank You The oustide engine noises so good you might get high.
767-200ERrating: 8
August 26, 2007
Absolutly great, you either love or hate the 727, i it. I am giving it an 8 because had some panel problems but in end, downloaded MD 11 that was flyable
airpilotunitedrating: 9
February 10, 2007
this is a great plane. its very realistic and flies well.
billyvagrating: 7
December 26, 2006
the plane is awesome but has a weird cockpit noise. detail great except panel from 737 not 727.
DannySrating: 3
December 20, 2006
Surclaro rocks
silverdeerrating: 10
December 3, 2006
WOW Easy to fly for a beginner, outstanding sound, great paint. I didn t have the noise problems in cockpit like some of others. ATC was weak but readable. Looks ll be adding my fleet with DC 10 next
gintyrating: 9
April 30, 2006
Superb external sound. Vibrant and extremely well done livery textures, flys really even when not familiar with big jets. Cabin noise drowning the ATC can be a little annoying after while. This plane is almost perfect otherwise. Great job.
skr0885rating: 10
April 21, 2006
I read all the comments before choosing to downlowd and fly. ......I love this ship .. Totaly a diferent air fly in terms of technology engines time, very well built model might add ....But really hear spool up reversers. remember those sounds living close KBDL my childhood. Thanks for opertunity one GREAT JOB SURCLARO
cpt101rating: 7
February 24, 2006
Very good Aircraft download it, it s a dream to fly only have problem that doesn t make ten thats the fact there is no VC apart from great love engine sounds well done
etxjimrating: 7
January 9, 2006
Nice pain job
flyboy90rating: 10
December 16, 2005
This plane is awesome. Even though it my favorite heavy, compared to a lot of planes, I mean all heavies this dream It has great handling ground or air . The texture superb, nice job on the wheels, suspension and moving parts. thing liked most was sound. If you watch from tower line up runway increase throttle s so real. sat at an airport know that planes don t make whirring They roar And even shake building. m not lying download plane. Great Job
kozillarating: 9
November 27, 2005
WOW GREAT AIRCRAFT... but no v c
oaserating: 10
October 29, 2005
well done surclaro best 727 on the web thts y it deserves a wopping 10
chriscallansrating: 9
September 19, 2005
i like this aircraft a lot too... could be my favorite... instead of flying gulfs, or lears, find myself most the time now... but cockpit engine sound is exactly everyone describes...can t hear atc etc... even live with same sound, only at much lower volume... exterior truly great... ended up switching files from 737, surclaro, ... plane, 737 sound.... guess will this, until author fixes interior volume...if that ever happens... great plane
ziccorating: 9
September 15, 2005
Great plane. the noice sounds very realistic from outside but inside sucks. Cant even here A.T.C.
jochoamrating: 10
September 5, 2005
Para mi este avion es excelente, tengo varios modelos 727, desde que lo vole ahora favorito.
fieldmarshelrating: 9
August 29, 2005
Outstanding Work Very nice .. most realistic outside noises i have ever heard on flight sim I just dont like the inside noise, and not to mention that when talking AI ATC Surclaro dosent show up, your number, but besides LOVE THIS AIRPLANE
adacynrating: 9
August 12, 2005
This is a MUST HAVE. Outstanding livery, super flight handling, exterior sounds are very good, interior need help. Very nice work
jorklindrating: 10
August 5, 2005
Great Aircraft. Excellent livery. Really easy to install. I love it
tylonrating: 10
August 2, 2005
aiwpane1rating: 8
July 25, 2005
i like the paint
markusxl74rating: 8
July 3, 2005
Very good plane, wonderful handling, great outside sound. Only interior sound needs to be updated.
Aurora39rating: 9
June 17, 2005
This is a real beauty Handles like the one and has great textures, dynamics,etc. Keep up good work
mingsterrating: 8
June 6, 2005
When are they going to ADD the A380
exxmanrating: 8
June 3, 2005
Thanks guys. Unfortunately the soundset cannot be modified by no one other than designer who is Erick Cantu. It s his design of both aircraft and sounds. Sorry...
StarKillerrating: 8
June 2, 2005
I found this add on to be one of the best that have flown SIM. Everything from flight sound is outstanding. The outside and most realistic ever heard, although interior engine undesiriable. It more a constant pitch with ticking noise added in. If employed same outstanding quality exterior would 10 rated vote as well my favorite plane. emplore Surclaro fix so model may around..
monkeyshines420rating: 10
June 1, 2005
textures soundset everything is totally awesome