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FS2004 MiG-29 Fulcrum The MiG-29 Fulcrum was designed and built to be a single-seat supersonic, all-weather, air superiority fighter. The MiG-29 made its Western public debut during the Summer of 1986 and since then it became one of the best known Soviet Fighters. With the MiG-29 the Soviets had a fighter that was not exclusively equal in performance and handling to Western aircraft, it was in some areas superior. Accurate Flight Simulator Design Studio (FSDS) model with all parts animated; wheels, ailerons, rudder, steering, etc, extremely detailed, virtual cockpit, picturereal textures and panel, effects. 7 differents models and 9 textures. Model, panel and textures by Eduardo Fadul eduardofadul_at_yaho o. com Flight dynamics by Dennis Seeley Effects by Rob Barendregt Video by Grover http: www. bbq-videos. com movies mig29. zip

Filesize: 26.05 MB | Added on: May 14, 2005 | Downloads: 15567

Users Reviews
FS2004 MiG-29 Fulcrum designed and built be a single-seat. Rating: 7.33 of 10 over a total of 33 reviews.

Geoffersrating: 9
May 15, 2011
I needed to change the sound. have Nicks crash some times FS will if you download and get full MIG29 it go supersonic with BOOM great aircraft fly not been able chut work yet
100000553767684-facebookrating: 8
November 28, 2010
Rob07rating: 6
March 20, 2010
Good aircraft, but the shut does not work. Very good details so i am giving it a 6
ELMICRArating: 8
November 24, 2007
excelente avion
sdwillowrating: 1
September 29, 2007
Corrupt zip file
aanjayrating: 8
July 20, 2007
awesome plane, i love it, amazing handling, but every time deploy the drag chute, my computer freezes, and have to restart it. also needs better panels, looks, how do missiles, bombs other than that, plane is awesome, very good job whoever made hope you update this fix problems, also, wobbles alot on take off.
skandickrating: 9
April 27, 2007
babafugumbyrating: 8
May 17, 2006
Great model and liveries, Kind of lags on FPS, needs better VC 2D panel.
exile34rating: 7
February 2, 2006
great plane to fly just needs a better textures nice effects and decent attemp on the pugachevs kobra
honlinorating: 10
December 17, 2005
the best fighter i ever put in my fs2004
luke771rating: 9
November 10, 2005
GOOD a little user interface fix delete all but texture.rusian folder, edit aircraft.cfg deleteall the flightsim.x sections those having texture line reading Texture rusian . re numbe from 0 up. in every section, these two lines must read same ui manufacturer Mikoyan Gurevich type Mig29A change variation xxxx to something different f.ex clean heavy bombs so on
chrnorating: 6
October 23, 2005
Ok, nice but has some few problems, the aircraft wobbles everytime it rolls fast at runway as in taking off
icecoldrating: 10
October 8, 2005
how do u open the chute
mudhut_nzrating: 10
October 1, 2005
This is the best plane i have downloaded , it has become my favourite afterbrner effects and jet flame, chute its everything think this rocks hard, now on flipside, how dare u guys rate a 1 just because your computer sh t doesnt mean yo should it, if work dont freakin havnt flyed so can by far ever downloaded, thanks to author for wonderful flown fs2004
mrmerating: 7
September 4, 2005
I really like this air craft but, evry time i triewd 2 put the tailhook down my pc froze. havent flown it yet dont seem to be able get off ground, but was using aircraft carrier, and didnt gathyer enough speed, so just flopped over edge myt poilot died, thats y im wondering whether or not u need take from carrier. oplease help.
anjinsan630rating: 10
July 30, 2005
I can t believe others have rated this soo low. If your computer handle it or running in anything other than FS9 FS2004 , might not even attempt it. But is my FAVORITE plane ve ever downloaded. Tremendous detail, authentic look, complete with special effects nice sonic boom . couldn be more happy one. Thanks guys anjinsan630
tob21rating: 10
July 25, 2005
Best model ever Deserves rating ten
8492rating: 9
July 15, 2005
I would give this a 10 but when open the chute my computer freeses up Still love filyinit though.
foureyesrating: 1
July 8, 2005
I m sorry to give this rating, but it wouldn t come up on My game, looks like would be a great download if did.
iamdorbrating: 5
July 7, 2005
I am having trouble with this. get an aircraft overstreesed messege the moment take off at only 100 mph. The plane very shortly over stresses. m using Flight Sim 2002. Super looking though.
th3ch0s3n1rating: 8
June 22, 2005
very good plane, only thing is, doesnt have its own sound
AdmiralAlderson1rating: 10
May 28, 2005
Extremely Well Built Plane, with lots of special features. Recommended Download.
7e7-2005rating: 8
May 22, 2005
Great. Just don t know where the shoot is and it wobbles on runway. But other then that its totaly awsome Thanks for plane wish all planes were good.
riptide22rating: 7
May 20, 2005
it wobbles on the runway and freezes when you release chute. otherwise is pretty good. textures are great
123qwerating: 10
May 20, 2005
Is very good I like this aircraft
MIGMIGMIGrating: 10
May 18, 2005
This is a great model. If you like Russian air fighter got to download this airplane.
davitorating: 10
May 18, 2005
it is awesome graphics and the morron who didin t know how to eject challagned
Randy601rating: 7
May 17, 2005
All in all it s very good. There a lot of flight detail that make nice. I can even get used to the Russian gauges. The first time installed it, did lock up my computer, however, re and allowed overwrite files worked much better. It does still on me when retract shut after using it. Little bug there perhaps . As corrupt file size, got same thing too downloaded but was at peak traffic. tried later fine. This is worth having just for flying fun. Thanks great sim.
philliprgrating: 3
May 15, 2005
Could not get the ejection to work. Even with upgrade it still locked up my cp when drag chute was deployed. Also you clicked on a couple of switches in panel. This large download this plane should be lot better than is. Had scrap it. To bad is good looking plane. wobbles going down runway. Not worth download.
Bluecanoerating: 1
May 15, 2005
If you don t know the cockpit arrangement at least fake it. Better than looking a blurred instrument panel. I also question performance characteristics of airplane. Had problem with download and finally after three attempts got it to work only my disappointment.
batvetterating: 9
May 15, 2005
What the other guy said, there s nothing wrong with this file it an auto install exe, if you used aircraft program would show up as not a flight sim file. Anyway I didn t have any of problems experienced, in fact bird out box is, about 200 addons ve tried from sunclaro, one top 5 trouble free realistic models. d given 10 weren for primitive Soviet no frills cockpit what language is all LOL m kidding, course KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK and thanks Mig.
DA-900EXrating: 7
May 15, 2005
Huge file. This is an acurate modle of a non fly by wire aircraft. The things you dont have to think about in F something must constantly monitor. Not as manuverable it should, unable pull hi G s with out stalling. Could not complete simple loop. If stall this aircraft will enter flat spin recoverable . On the ground bounces around thinks its stalling IF THE FILE IS CORUPT, TRY TO DOWN LOAD AGAIN BEFORE YOU RATE IT
charpanrating: 1
May 15, 2005