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Surclaro Cargo Boeing 747-200F for Fs2002 2004. This repaint uses tailored textures plus all the standard Posky eye candy. Smoke FX and model included. Textures by Exx. Livery Design by Exx Gonzalo. Model and Flight Dynamics by Project Opensky. Surclaro Logos, Livery and design Copyright 2005 Surclaro. com Bapsterd Design Group All Rights Reserved. Produced by Surclaro. com.

Filesize: 7.34 MB | Added on: May 04, 2005 | Downloads: 8391

Users Reviews
Surclaro Cargo Boeing 747-200F FS2002 2004. Rating: 8.57 of 10 over a total of 28 reviews.

XxLoLxXrating: 10
September 29, 2008
pls can someone say me how i open cargo doors dont know to do that s
Brenbren31rating: 1
March 29, 2008
I do not like that you have them for FSX
braydonperkinsrating: 10
October 10, 2007
i would like this plane but cant figure how to download them. its complicated for me. send me an easy explination at braydonperkins thanks.
jump-man2rating: 6
June 23, 2007
How do you open the Cargo door But great work on texture. When is a good version of A380 going to come out for FS2002.
Redeyedrating: 8
August 5, 2006
The opening nose cone is so cool Climb rate a little sad but not noticable Speed on this aircraft nice paint job really it still bit of challange to fly veary fun
aykutik2rating: 7
July 28, 2006
jmonewtonrating: 10
July 20, 2006
Excellant work for this one. Love the opening nose cone and cargo doors. When are they thinking of doing an A380
cortrating: 9
February 5, 2006
awsome plane but it needs a vc
knightone123rating: 4
January 9, 2006
seems ok but for me i only get paint on one side of the Aricraft. think its my slow frame rate,
viper16crating: 9
October 11, 2005
Great job visually. Is a bit hard to fly, but is overall great
doc075rating: 8
August 29, 2005
A must have for your Airliner fleet. The paint job displaying the surclaro logo is very nice. Keep up good work. Thanks tip, Arsil operating cargo door.
desusrating: 8
August 22, 2005
one of the most beautiful aircrafts in my box
Blondie_boyrating: 10
August 10, 2005
awsome really well designed
Arsilrating: 10
July 28, 2005
Its an awsome aircraft and is a must have. To the guys who don t know how to work doors, i figured it out, shift e for main door, tail hook button lower deck doors wingfold door nose. u may have assign tailhook though.
alexfs2004rating: 9
July 15, 2005
nice job guys just wondering if you can open the cargo door. so how thanks
mingsterrating: 9
June 6, 2005
When are they going to ADD the A380 I m waiting for them add a REAL with real flight panels, sound gauges and etc
k1000rating: 9
May 30, 2005
An excellent aircraft. I can t figure out how to open all of the doors, maybe they don open. get splashscreen load either. did what instructions said and comes up black. Maybe im just not reading it right.
soloharperating: 5
May 29, 2005
no FD AP not working, the def 747 in FS2004 works bether.
willymanrating: 9
May 16, 2005
This one is a keeper it an excellent add on in every category. It definitely worth downloading.
webbertrating: 10
May 12, 2005
Any one who doesn t rate this add on 10 is a mad man Great Job
bendixtiebarrating: 9
May 11, 2005
very, very good. The splash screen is totally cool also but you do have to amend the typing error Microsoft FS should employ guys your talents are not wasted and much appreciated. Many, many thanks.
best04rating: 10
May 7, 2005
Totally cool colours and really good design...Better looking than what Mircosoft provides lmao...Great design totally love it...
ardierating: 10
May 5, 2005
OK, SORRY, I commented on the wrong d l, so sue me. It was just a matter of time before it came true. Surclaro has s own Flag ship. Exxman did another marvelous job, again, painting and now design. Thanks G for letting best painter know do this, thank you giving us an identity to be proud of. Just perfect. lets see Exxman, is 1 bad thing LMAO
exxmanrating: 10
May 5, 2005
Thanks all Coming from the foremost screenshot artists on site really means a lot Had fun working with G. Looking forward to more projects Enjoy gang...its for you
airwebrating: 10
May 5, 2005
ok, only one comment, excellent this blue combinacion is very beautiful, congratulations exx and g , an awesome job.
boiengman777rating: 10
May 5, 2005
Of course it s a 10 LOL Every paint I ve seen from Exxman is , and am not disappointed at all with this one. EXXcellent design by himself along G . It beauty to me only because of the attention detail in every aspect as usual but BLUE my favorite Great job again, m looking forward next available download..... THANKS Exx for creation. very nice official SURCLARO.COM 747 200, can t imagine more attractive livery design...awesome
up-chuckrating: 10
May 4, 2005
Well said sandpiper You shouldent have to think twice about downloading this, Its a must have. Exx is one of the best repainters alive, He sould wor for MS and paint default AC, Awsome job Exx. Looking forward next release from you.
Sandpiper-N121PPrating: 10
May 4, 2005
As per usual... Exxman the texture artist has created another fine bird. This is official SurClaro 747 200 and she a beauty I personally got to fly this bird handles just like all of his others... complete dream With extras included smoke effects well worth download for your hangar. The package beautifully detailed from nose tail... no exceptions here If you have downloaded one will not dissapoint at all. haven t... really need he does wonderful job on every aircraft makes. love colors that chose designs as well. Very very nice Keep up Great Work