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FS2004 BAE 146-200 QT Version 6. 0. Hi detail model of the cargo version of BAes successful 146 RJ aircraft type. Model features fully animated gear with suspension, animated flaps, rudder, wing spoilers activated on the ground and tail spoiler in the air, 3D engine fan blades, animated front door with airstair, animated rear cargo door with access ladder, reflective textures and dynamic shine effetcs. This model also features AIS Animated Inbuilt Scenery feature upon engine shut down. Basic panel with html checklist and reference info and imaginary FEDEX and UPS textures included. By Jon Murchison.

Filesize: 2.26 MB | Added on: Mar 09, 2005 | Downloads: 8317

Users Reviews
FS2004 BAE 146-200 QT Version 6.0. Rating: 9.35 of 10 over a total of 17 reviews.

DC7guyrating: 10
April 30, 2009
Excellent Easy download, acft looks good, flies great, Now comes the panel... The BAE panel project site.. Awesome.. be prepared for some serious reading and downloading to Install Bae 146 panel.. Its as close Real Thing your gonna get.. I love TMS system... Great manual Included figure out how all systems work. Keep up great work
coolhackyrating: 10
May 26, 2007
amazing if anyone figures out abiout how the cargo works im at rejected bad thx
sgtdoodle3rating: 10
February 18, 2007
this plane is easy to fly and land, i love it. my only con that couldnt find any of the gates what not
tanoorating: 10
November 23, 2006
Exellent simulation
Alex_Smithrating: 10
February 24, 2006
What a download Congratulations to all those who created it
acepilot977rating: 10
February 18, 2006
Great Plane
oaserating: 9
October 17, 2005
Great plane the panel you can get from http www.baepanelproject. com well done how does cargo work please tell me s.rule
josh000rating: 9
August 14, 2005
GREAT plane, a joy to fly. But i cant find the manual with panel suggestion in it
skirmisherrating: 9
June 29, 2005
seb84rating: 8
June 20, 2005
Good model
booboobennyrating: 10
June 13, 2005
very good plane 1 quistion what is the button that gives u those loads
russwatersrating: 10
May 9, 2005
Incredible sim plane. Very realistic. The panel they suggest in the manual is icing on cake. You really can t get any better than this. Love startup sequences. Actually, I d rate this a 15, but your scale only goes up to 10. GREAT JOB This could be stand alone pay project not encourage you do that .
kilkennyrating: 10
April 23, 2005
best plane ever lights are deadly to look at
SDoomrating: 8
April 10, 2005
I like it a lot and think is easy to use. Keep em coming
eurkrating: 9
April 9, 2005
Great download, love it
up-chuckrating: 9
March 11, 2005
I love it, it appears when you turn off the engines and have to assign a tailhook key wings fold see properly
Timothy10rating: 8
March 11, 2005
its very fun to fly, but how do u get it load cargo, i cant figure out.