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Windsor Building on Fire. Madrid, 13th February 2005 This file places the Windsor Building skyscraper at its correct location in Madrid, Spain. It has a height of 106 meters and 32 floors (the 8th highest in Madrid), and is situated in the AZCA quarter of the city, heart of the financial district in Madrid, next to the department store El Corte Ingls, Picasso tower, and the Holiday Inn Hotel. This building, projected in 1974 and built in 1979, had a huge fire (apparently caused by a short-circuit in floor 21) in the early morning of 13th February 2005, that burned for more than 15 hours and destroyed the whole building. Fortunately, no one was hurt, since the building is empty in the weekends. At the time of writing, Madrid firemen think the building could even collapse, but in any case th
Show more... e building has been destroyed. The building was exclusively used as office space for companies, like Deloitte&Touche, which by the way, also had its offices destroyed in the Twin Towers attack in New York on 11th September 2001. The building was designed for FS2002 by FSMadrid, to whom all the credit is given. We have corrected the location to the real one, and added the fire effects. If you set the date of 13th February 2005 in your sim, you will see the fire start at midnight, until 5 pm., as it really happened. Enjoy!! jzax-mzbs www. fshispanic. tk fshispanic_at_msn. com Show less...

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Users Reviews
Windsor Building Fire. Rating: 4.40 of 10 over a total of 5 reviews.

aykutik2rating: 8
August 5, 2006
ayaxrating: 7
October 25, 2005
I ts nice and curious to see that building on flames. give it a 7. It s funny the fire FS2004 as saw Madrid last year, but graphic quality colul be better. P.S find sad how narrow minded is people out there. Before calling nasty names others, such Fuckers so on, please documentate Yes In Spain we do have skyscrapers and... You guessed it. We DO HAVE fires So dont t mix towers, all stuff with some terrible actions condemned... re not alone in Planet
howitzerrating: 5
April 26, 2005
I can seee how in a knee jerk reaction some may be offened by this. We should look at the other possibilities. When flying view of events below appear amazing. Watching fireworks, forestfires, Sun sets, etc. If this person were to make fictional building burning, it would gather even more suspicion and anger. This chose fire that no one was hurt in, started faulty wiring. think they just trying capture somwhat rare moment.
someoldgeizerrating: 1
March 30, 2005
this is terrible, whoever made should be either castrated, or have there uteris yanked out and fed to them. FUCKERS
CainanUKrating: 1
March 7, 2005
This is fuckin sick. Do you get your jollies off of this