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Complete Aircraft with Virtual Cockpit
Eurofighter RAF 6sqn, for FS2004 and FS2002. Complete avionics and high textures virtual cockpit. (!! INFO:total free alternativ cockpit and exclusively 2 advert-banners !!) Animated: 5 versions, Pilots, 14 Weapons, Visor, sensors, mirror, emmisionseffects, afterburner, landing gear and flaps, high textures, Model, panel, sounds, textures by www. afs-design. de Author: A. Meyer. IMPORTANT NOTICE: Even though this software is freely downloadable from SurClaro. com, is PAYWARE, and we has NO commercial relation with his author

Filesize: 2.86 MB | Added on: Feb 19, 2005 | Downloads: 3480

Users Reviews
Eurofighter RAF 6sqn FS2004 and FS2002. Rating: 2.11 of 10 over a total of 9 reviews.

mikitierrating: 8
July 13, 2007
nabster3rating: 1
October 3, 2006
soloharperating: 1
December 8, 2005
a waste of space on the hardrive, doe not download
jack123rating: 3
July 23, 2005
This is nt a plane it s an avertising board.
hepaticrating: 1
March 2, 2005
payware my arse, you want a Typhoon download the one by DSB design, it s way better and FREE
Broonrating: 1
February 25, 2005
I never use profanity when wrighting reviews but this attempt is SHITE DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME
exile34rating: 1
February 23, 2005
ADS O.O why poorly made
dominiekrating: 2
February 21, 2005
poor flight charactheristiques graphics
theradioflyerrating: 1
February 19, 2005
I d rate this a 0 but you can t. Don t waist your time, unless like flying plane that lets know it s freeware by posting big signs in front and behind of the all time. Totally disappointed.