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FS2004 Saucer from the TV Series, The Invaders. This is a fully functioning sim model with a highly detailed interior designed for Active Camera. The bundle features various opening doors, incredible instrumentation textures with illumination, retracting landing pylons, glowing magneto lift engines, reflective textures, closing perspex blast shields, tailored panel, elaborate VC, and speeds up to Mach 3 with VTOL capabilities for some cool 5 point landings. Features a wild flat turn performance said to be able to be done by actual UFOs. Includes a. wav file from the series sound track. Textures by Greg Logan. Sound pack by Ronnie Pendergraft. Modeled in Gmax by William Ortis, Lionheart Creations Ltd. (Lets see if this can evade an F-136 Interceptor).

Filesize: 11.21 MB | Added on: Feb 16, 2005 | Downloads: 9888

Users Reviews
FS2004 Saucer TV Series Invaders. Rating: 5.94 of 10 over a total of 18 reviews.

Eaglezero6205rating: 9
January 31, 2007
In My Opinion He did a hell of job in designing the aircraft, it looks beautiful ,I ve flown Many planes but none like this. With such intricate detail inside and creativity for blast sheild cirrculating lites on outside ,Ohh not to mention bottom with red round bulbs engine screen. The Saucer is very accurate recreation movie saucer. flight controls are also pretty neat although small challenge master,and im still having trouble level landing Its worth all you EXTRA TERESTRIAL buffs. I flew from AREA 51. AT NIGHT BAD
123456bobrating: 9
December 30, 2006
very good
ch601guyrating: 8
March 28, 2006
Its cool to look at not that E Z fly but it is OK
monostereorating: 5
January 13, 2006
good but hard to fly
ebenezerrating: 6
December 6, 2005
This is a lot of fun... hard to fly... I do like the effect when you raise landing pods.
seserating: 10
August 3, 2005
alexfs2004rating: 6
July 15, 2005
well this is not space garbage but its exactley perfict eather. con s very good flight dynamics, vary hard to turn. pros cockpit and a creative design if you are into the thing download for you.
rit22rating: 1
July 5, 2005
Let s just say is flyes like what it sh... Don t wast your time you ll have to delete it.
ColinTrating: 3
June 26, 2005
Too plain, won t turn easily... cool cockpit though.
th3ch0s3n1rating: 1
June 25, 2005
Spidiousrating: 10
March 26, 2005
wackyduckrogersrating: 8
March 8, 2005
Just because some people have no vision or talent to design doesnt give you the right label others work as crap,design your own planes,with extraordinary .................
3287rating: 2
March 8, 2005
Hard to fly and wont well. It got two because of the cockpit
maxt_46rating: 1
February 27, 2005
Space garbage ......737 control in a space ship
Chepo_91rating: 10
February 21, 2005
soyrating: 1
February 19, 2005
Ghismarrating: 10
February 19, 2005
I like it very much even s a bit hard to flight at the begining. Have look constructor website... GO
chuckleyivrating: 7
February 17, 2005
Pretty good