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FS2002 Star Wars Naboo Fighter model with R2 droid & naboo pilot. Free Max2. x model from Olivier Couston converted to Gmax with texture Version 1. 0 work in progress (My first attempt with GMAX and MS mdl SDK) I also Have: a gmax model of ALIEN 2 Dropship 3Dcaf. com Free model curently Im working on adding some animations to this model (landing gears, Missile pods, armored vehicule deployment on landing) and doing a detailed cocpit with pilot a just converted to Gmax, SA-43 Hammerhead Lightwave model unknow autor From Space Above and beyond TV serie with: pilot, cocpit, textures Im working on adding landing Gears to this model (if someone has information or drawings about ?) And some others Free SCIFI models are waiting to be converted Space 1999 eagle lightwave model B5 Starfury etc. ..
Show more... .. contact Pascal Deleporte pascal. deleporte_at_wanadoo . fr For vertical take off press : (french keyboard) for vertical exhaust turn flaps down and trust to the max just taking off and gear up, release 1 flap and press : for horizontal exhaust release all flaps to gain speed Have a nice fligt over Coruscan city May the force be with you! Bonjour de france !!!! Show less...

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