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-Yak-42 for AI use. 3D Model v. 1. 0 Hello, Ive been somewhat unhappy with the existing model which traffic developers used for their needs. Thus I decided to create the dedicated ai model from the scratch. Its gmaxed and has all necessary animations, also textures are placed within single 1024x sheet and triangles do not exceed 3000. -Credits: 3D model by Anton Nikolaev (aka Xomer) and copyrighted. The previous model and config came to me without any notes, so I could use some parts of AC. cfg which may violate someone alses copyrightes let me know if so, Ill try fixing it.. . air file is MS msfs default B747. -Textures and repaints: You are free to repaint the model and upload the textures to any website (with or without 3D its your choice) without any preliminary permission from the aut
Show more... hor. But, please provide all the credits. -Legal statement: Its totally freeware model. Distribution is free of charge and unlimited (you may use it in assembled packs if needed) but you MUST NOT sell either the model, or repaints youll draw, or insert the model into any commercial pack. In any case, please, provide the credits, its really painful for modeller to see own model unidentified. -Contact: Prefferably via: www. xomer. narod. ru or e-mail xomer_at_yandex. ru Moscow, 2004. Show less...

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-Yak-42 AI 3D Model v.1.0 Ive unhappy with existing model. Rating: 6.00 of 10 over a total of 1 reviews.

skinnersrating: 6
June 1, 2005
Hello I just wanna say surcalo is brill. Well the graphics are good on this plane adn so coclpit but noting actually works inside cockpit. Its alright. The sound good. Not best one i have got.