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Beechcraft Model 18 Volpar for MS Flight Sim 2004 The Beech 18 was one of Beechcrafts most enduring designs. In production from the late 1930s until the early 60s many are still in use all over the world. This plane represents a late Model Super H with the Volpar Trigear conversion. The Volpar kit added an extended nose and converted the plane to a tri-gear configuration rather than the stock taildragger landing gear. Features: Full Flight Simulator 2004 control surface animation, Opening door (shift-E) Dynamic shine, Reflective textures, Panel, Virtual cockpit, Rolling wheels and of course full lighting. A paint kit is also included and repaints are encouraged but please exclusively upload textures, not the whole plane Aircraft by Brian Gladden

Filesize: 5.44 MB | Added on: Oct 31, 2004 | Downloads: 3105

Users Reviews
Beechcraft Model 18 Volpar MS FS2004 Beech one Beechcrafts. Rating: 9.27 of 10 over a total of 15 reviews.

DC7guyrating: 8
May 5, 2009
Real nice graphics , easy download, what happend to the lights in cockpit The biggie i noticed.. Is nose gear tire is always half cement, and brakes... OMG... I have no idea how you design brake sys into download.. Good Grief... they are extremely sensitive.. Even taxing at 10 15 Mph when apply brakes Acft. feels like its gonna flip over ..I watched happens from outside view.. even NG strut almost collapses ..thats not realistic.. In real world Sorry be so critical.. was give this download a except for
advizerating: 9
March 16, 2009
This one is a real flyer and easy to handle, dressed with all the goodies like 1 button brakes, auto pilot, GPS availability on on. The only unerving thing bobbing of nose when you brake. I understand why, but it takes some getting used to. Other than that use craft as my personal transportation for flying in join virtual, regional passenger fleet. A great imagination needs planes Surclaro certainly has them.
52Zebrarating: 9
June 10, 2007
I really like the Beechcraft Volpar and fly it all time but does not have a lighted panel in virtual cockpit.
dbn007rating: 10
September 15, 2006
Great plane to fly, love the panel. One of best planes I have found on Surclaro.
mfsrocks001rating: 8
March 31, 2006
ok i will be picky....the fuel pressure gauge doesnt work right and have some frame rate problems also but iam sure its just my computer. The panel could better...but the plane model textures is awseme.
splattrating: 10
February 11, 2006
I love this plane alot Flys like it should andlooks very sharp. Thanks for classic
lrsdjsrating: 10
November 27, 2005
this plane is one that should have been pay ware awesome excellent job I hope you will do more projects like one. Thanks again.
Wingwheelerrating: 9
July 15, 2005
very nice. Great sound, Fine graphics. I love the way nose dips when brakes are applied. Slow it down considerably to turn while taxiing. Stable. missed flying one of real ones back in 1991. No more looking back.
gus_101_avrating: 10
June 19, 2005
nothing else like it...
mrgregg5169rating: 10
April 23, 2005
One of my favorite real world planes, but is absolute fav sim plane. Panel great, sound looks and flies even better in ugly weather .
mroberts2m4rating: 9
February 20, 2005
This plane flies very nice, it s now one of my favorites I fly all the time.
skrzyniarating: 10
January 8, 2005
Simply superb. Great plane, dynamic, panel. Just cannot stop flying her.
panacherating: 8
November 8, 2004
flies well predictable, but noticable framerates
InvertedExtrovertrating: 9
November 5, 2004
looks nice an all that, flies choppy as ell, but i guess it is just my system. panel needs a little something though. overall worthwhile download if you like this sorta plane.
purpleponcarating: 10
October 31, 2004
really great job the cockpit could use a little more detail, but vc is ok, recommend this download for fs2004, i even liked sounds, sounds kewl, Happy flying