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Boeing B52G and B52D for FS2004 I will be more than happy if this B-52 will be one of your favourite aircraft in your compilations. Please understand that due to my limited knowledge there are some limitations as below. 1. There is no Virtual Cockpit. A msfs default B747 400 panel and sound sets are used. 2. Some areas like interior and exterior of the aircraft, under carriage etc., lighting equipments, the actual unit, camouflage pattern and colors has been designed painted to some extent using my imagination. 3. When in flight, drogue chute bay is interlocked with the spoiler, ie. opens and closes. The drogue chute tends to shake violently depending on winds. 4. In relation with the height difference, the engine smoke is operated by using the lights (strobo light). The copyright of this
Show more... model is with Yanco and the copyright of FD is with Mr. KBT. Exemption from responsibility Please understand that if by using this data and somehow inflicts damage directly or indirectly to your computer, we will not be held responsible. (http: flightinfo. ens. ne. jp FS_KBT ) Show less...

Filesize: 10.85 MB | Added on: Sep 23, 2004 | Downloads: 11907

Users Reviews
Boeing B52G and B52D FS2004 I be happy B-52 one favourite. Rating: 8.45 of 10 over a total of 29 reviews.

jamesmjrating: 10
November 23, 2009
jlvedralrating: 10
February 4, 2009
vonzepplinrating: 10
January 18, 2009
This is the best air plane EVER But it needs a vc.
hittmanerrating: 9
November 7, 2008
but how do u hoping the bomb bay doors
blackvetterating: 8
October 25, 2008
i would rate this higher but cant get sound. is a cool airplane
jimjobobrating: 10
January 1, 2008
cool and fun
HP80_victorrating: 10
March 19, 2007
High quality.
alphaapdrating: 9
December 4, 2006
Excellant aircraft add on. Only item this program needs now is a VC. Very fun to fly, thanks.
LazyJoerating: 9
July 16, 2006
great bird, fun to fly, easy take off land, opening doors bomb bays. all around plane
babafugumbyrating: 9
May 17, 2006
I love this Aircraft but i can t give a 10 because it has no VC.
cybercoprating: 7
January 18, 2006
Although the aircraft is very functional, cockpit panel obviously not that of a B 52. The addition virtual would also improve this Add on score.
luke771rating: 7
November 10, 2005
It a good plane and it is fun what the he , prime issue for us flight simmers feels heavy even on simulator, that was exactly how should feel. I got panel another simming site, keep trying to learn fly it, but still have long way go... mean, am supposed turn this thing dont say know get manual
nubbie44rating: 7
August 27, 2005
I ll give it a 7 i don t have no sound
riptide22rating: 8
June 15, 2005
great textures how do you get the drag chute to work also auto pilot isnt that great.
stevemc2004rating: 4
June 12, 2005
IT will not load I read the instrction tried it 2 times to install still does work.
jimmideanrating: 8
April 2, 2005
I installed your b 52 recently, love it got a real cockpit for and couldn t be better. My favorite part is all of the different textures.
caasrating: 10
March 11, 2005
WOW realy great aircraft best one yet fun to fly easy land because of its size and slow speed love it
raiden420rating: 6
January 8, 2005
actually the panel is on http fs2004panels10.htm next page ... nice Buff by way.. me likey
mangoflightrating: 10
December 5, 2004
msarating: 10
November 26, 2004
trdsldrating: 9
November 15, 2004
Great job The panel is not an issue for me. Feels great with my Force Feedback joystick. Fun to fly because of the unique characteristics BUFF. A throttle stand individually operated throttles would be fun...with eight engines, I know why this was part package. Thanks work
WillyManrating: 9
November 7, 2004
Great job guys The B52 is one of my favorite aircrafts. In FS9, this aircraft flies much in the way real world pilots have described them. This a slow responding bird. Therefore you must anticipate your next action, tell to do it and then wait for that action happen. Wow, an with personality I like lot, therefore won t fret about panel.
xiodrating: 8
October 19, 2004
iulawrencerating: 10
October 9, 2004
john777rating: 9
October 8, 2004
This is a very good package, and I think you did great job. People who seem to be so picky about panels, minor details model accuracy, might remember that they re getting this package for free. Excellent guess work on the landing gear, by way. Thanks sharing
jodoe2rating: 9
September 27, 2004
Definitely a keeper, anyone needing panel can find it at http fs2004panels9.htm
halberdier25rating: 7
September 27, 2004
Hey, nice D model, but the G is a little off, also, you can make smoke independant from lights and drag chute too. Waitin for panel
ambaszrating: 7
September 27, 2004
Great artwork, would be a 9 if it had both original cockpit views, definitly keeper though Just got to wait for the panels
terrydwyerrating: 6
September 24, 2004