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Complete Aircraft with Virtual Cockpit
TAXO SUPERSONIC MILITARY Helicopter and JET for FS2004 and FS2002. Prototype 2; complete avionics and virtual cockpit. Animated Pilots, Weapons, Visor, landing gear, Rotors and flares. Model, panel, sounds, textures by A. Meyer www. afs-design. de IMPORTANT NOTICE: Even though this software is freely downloadable from SurClaro. com, is PAYWARE, and we has NO commercial relation with his author

Filesize: 8.51 MB | Added on: Aug 07, 2004 | Downloads: 6047

Users Reviews
TAXO SUPERSONIC MILITARY Helicopter and JET FS2004. Rating: 3.48 of 10 over a total of 27 reviews.

devinoidrating: 8
October 25, 2008
this is a good helicopter .. you change from heli to plane by clickin f 6 2x or 3 x 7...just no sound but fast and silent like cancer...
iisraellrating: 4
July 19, 2006
blythekcrating: 5
July 3, 2006
Great idea. There are some real issues though. I think the above folks have stated just about all of them, but in case you missed them... You may want to include gauges that use on your panel. The sound is a little too Nails across chalk board . not clearly defined way convert from plane helicopter. am going work fixing these problems. Don t get me wrong, saying can do any better don anyone else trying help fix issues. editing programs be required for profesional job, at least willing give it shot.
ben12791rating: 1
March 27, 2006
they dont get much worse than this
Prowler67rating: 1
August 2, 2005
So bad it gave me cancer
rit22rating: 7
July 1, 2005
Not a bad aircraf, fun to fly but where does the fuel go It runs out so quickly... Everything else is good it could use some guages...
claudioskirating: 7
November 26, 2004
exile34rating: 10
September 6, 2004
i think you all are idiots O.o READ THE F ME ...... its fun to fly great work
SPNugent3rating: 1
September 5, 2004
benson2024rating: 6
August 29, 2004
It was a very interesting aircraft descibed in 5 easy words... up, up and more up. I couldnt quite figure out how to change helicopter mode, but overall i would rate this if you can call it that 6 10, being because of its new design, superfast engines, deployable guns, all whiz by blast no, really .
jonas16rating: 5
August 26, 2004
it didn t work how do we change to heli
Kenseirating: 1
August 25, 2004
supra15000rating: 1
August 24, 2004
its was absolute crap, it wasnt even a helicopter
cyberkatrating: 4
August 19, 2004
Ok now that some people had their say I thing the design is pretty cool looks like hellicopter jet from sixth day arnold movie for those who dont know. could not get it to go into heli mode and was ok be improved landing gear would look better as wheels if designer take of time work out bugs he have something in my opinion. gave a 4 over all but will give 10 effort probably his first creation wait SHARE with us all. one can understand excitement making or at least eyes putting before ready. its free put lot it. further more you should try cut slack cause ve personally asked build this only hear cant done so hope proves them wrong
Coldwaterrating: 10
August 18, 2004
I gave a 10 for making people MAD as H L very funny though ,,,,,,,,designer little clue test before u allow others to try it
SKyWINGrating: 1
August 17, 2004
when I first obtained this plane war realy excited on how it looked was just so cool. Then tried to fly it...
papangorating: 3
August 17, 2004
Textures are pretty cool, but it s hard to let fly a while. And what those weird sounds...
na10tboltrating: 6
August 14, 2004
this isnt the best model ive downloaded but i dont regret downloading it either. The biggest problem wasnt panel sound. my dog had an anneurism when he heard it. heli mode works and to hard control. after burner effects were metiocre ignorable. was impressed w outsided detail texture. Its so sad that people cant handle their temper in a flight simulator. Im only 13 if can control anger choice of language than you Sar31.
JetRanger0007rating: 1
August 14, 2004
After reading all the comments from everybody else on this down load,,, I ll never, never load an Aircraft with much critism, about aircraft This is not place to put half ass, poorly executed,NON TESTED, aircraft,, individuals who have no idea or experience how design aircraft,,,, DON T send us flight simmers ignorant stuff like this,, and Waste time our efforts, stuff,, this,,, save it for your computer time,,, ours JetRanger0007 For those of you that are intersteaded,,,, please go check out following,,, worth look feed back other professional semi Flight Simmers WWW.PCPILOT.NET WWW.COMPUTERPILOT.CO M
V4RDrating: 2
August 12, 2004
OKAY..... i would call this copter flawed... but dont think it deserves the complement... looks great, handles... well doesn t, sound like your at an f1 racetrack from outside, inside is just wierd... sounds freaky, and alien like... advertisment on panel does company no justice all... 2 marks... 1 for design, other design too. nice to look at........ thats
EricEsascorating: 1
August 10, 2004
Yes, not much worked and it did fly like a garbage truck. very funny . I find hard to believe that company or individual would put their name on something so obviously flawed incomplete. If the goal was make people avoid these developers, mission accomplished. welcome some feedback from them regarding this matter.
msp741rating: 1
August 9, 2004
don t bother downloading not worth the time
maverick1251rating: 1
August 9, 2004
Looks like I had a lucky escape, didnt even get to see this bird. downloaded twice and both times got corrupt files when trying extract. Maybe with one, ll wait until there is better feedback, Hopefully all the fixes are complete.
googerating: 1
August 8, 2004
Too bad there wasn t any negative numbers on the scale. This chopper jet thing flew like a garbage truck bro. Its sounds just freaked me out, sounded exorcist after while. I think you need to seriously go back drawing board get from throwing this one in trash.
CGFlyerrating: 2
August 8, 2004
This copter is just bad. Great look. Spectro hit his review of it right on the head. He obcvously knows how to test and things. And, he did with no foul language. Interesting. SARescue31 you need grow up. People like will force this site become moderated when comes comments. And I hope name doesn t mean are anything a real Coast Guardsman. am if be court martialed. Your language not called for. Just say sucks. Say crap. But shouldn have moderate my kids viewing GAME because yours.
SpectroProrating: 3
August 8, 2004
WOW What can one say about this copter Well, let s start with the exterior view is incredible My mouth dropped on one. I was stoked The virtual cockpit just stunning. And there it ends Before you download this...stop, very fast, and don t stop running away Sounds sounds are cool for 8 seconds. like a bull kicking square in A before seconds up, DONE these sounds. GREAT idea.. poor implementation of them. Panel panel screwed. In VC beautiful but does nothing. Nothing works. No lights, no gauges, etc.. normal view, MOST guages gone. Only 2 show way off screen upwards so only see tiny bit it. Should be am sure middle your window. Also, what freaking advertising If that shop advertises THEY made panel...then works..their ad mean. will NEVER use anything they ever make again. Thanks letting us know crap company panel. Did bother to test uploaded There NO controls or gauges regular again, cept stupid pitch control. Also 1 black. Just nothing there. Handling thing takes dream. SCREAMS runway. some reason, lose all 15 when gone, die. up Features Ok, weapons cool. This highlight add on. outside bird incredible. Again, helicopter mode NOT work. You change plane Read me WEll, this. Tells how install it, however, want to. then gives incorrect keys features. At least do english language. shift E key handle weapons, f5 f8 NOTHING. f6 f7 pressed many other combos except getting camera yo where lost control over again couldn figure out did, that. So, sheer beauty bird, idea it... give 3. has far go, promise could if actually worked wait version should have been here first place 10. However, please, author reads this, commands keyboard layout. no, didn t. also, damned computer noise inside bird. It may almost tollerable were not short repeat sound static like. Lose noice, beeps such longer loop. We deal file size. Fix panels maker. They business because
SGirating: 1
August 7, 2004