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Bluestream Airlines (va) Dolphin Hellicopter HH65A This is the BSA Executive Dolphin Hellicopter, registration number N975BS. This is based at KHAO Hamilton, Ohio, USA and flys charter and Air Taxi flights to various local airports and other locales. Includes Upgraded panel for 2k4 of Flight Simulator, smoke effects, a new flashing beacon operated by the strobe key, sounds and much more. This is a complete bundle so there is nothing else to download. Thanks to Brian MacIntyre, Hugh Pratt, Terega, Antti Pankkonen (AS365 visual model). Bluestream Airlines paint by John Elliott Young (J. E. Young_at_bluestreama ir. com). Bluestream Airlines can be found at: http: www. bluestreamair. com

Filesize: 5.25 MB | Added on: Jul 08, 2004 | Downloads: 6929

Users Reviews
Bluestream Airlines va Dolphin Hellicopter HH65A BSA. Rating: 6.94 of 10 over a total of 18 reviews.

jamsan2005rating: 10
December 1, 2005
Great Helicopter, flies well and good detail DOWNLOAD IT
abu2rating: 4
November 28, 2004
msarating: 10
November 24, 2004
vorlonrating: 8
September 4, 2004
very flyable and great effects.... Most impressed. The only things I dont like are the lack of engine starting sounds kill sounds. Plus in VC Im gutted prop is fixed not moving Otherwise its all fly now pretty much
SKyWINGrating: 1
August 21, 2004
Its the exact same thing as orignal dolphin from fs2002 except a differnt color scheme. It even has non moving propeller in VC spot first one
Jurandirrating: 8
August 16, 2004
Very nice machine
Kiddrating: 1
August 13, 2004
ricktobinrating: 5
July 29, 2004
Blue rotor
zgha1rating: 10
July 28, 2004
This is an excellent craft. I haven t experienced any slow down, and the sound dynamics of chopper are great. Good job
CGFlyerrating: 10
July 23, 2004
I totally agree Groundsquirrel. People are apparently morons if they think that blue rotor slows down anything. Blue, grey, white, black, it has NO affect on the fps at all. have tested 3 computers with both original new bsa tip very cool and solid blue. difference. Apparently these people also stupid as don t see update pack or read YOU had NOTHING to do model. And can get over blade sticking out there in VC then really sucky lives. Or maybe GREAT lives thus nothing else all whine cry about except something petty blade. Come LOVE this helicopter here Surclaro other sites you well 2000 d l mark no comes close, not even dolphin guys show ARE bomb Your repaints rule most love them. Keep em coming keep up great work.
groundsquirrelrating: 9
July 22, 2004
Hello all. J Young here. I see what consternation the blue rotor disc has caused. The problem was a mistake in alpha layer for main rotor. This since been repaired and is available as part of Bluestream Airlines update package, or you can contact me at e mail mentioned readme found within download. As your face when virtual cockpit mode, that model issue not correctable by me, just paint em, didnt design em. Remember downloaded this aircraft free. While critiques are appreciated, infantile remarks condemning whole product sake few mistakes warranted. Finally, if drops framerates, get new machine go back to fs2k2. nuff said.
gravytrainrating: 1
July 18, 2004
I didn t really like this addon, the blue propeller was a stupid touch, it slowed down gameplay and looked non realistic. Not to mention main exit wouldn open up
trabalhatumalandrorating: 10
July 17, 2004
JetRanger0007rating: 5
July 12, 2004
I can only hope,,, that the dude made this aircraft,,, will eventually,, get rid of BLUE PROPELLER,,, just give it a silver one,, with small ,, tiny blue tips,, all could mess up frame rates,,, rest aircraft is pretty decent tho
lac14rating: 6
July 11, 2004
this helicopter is not the best It has a blue main rotor that messes up apperance. also in virtual cockpit does move. Not worth time to download
SpectroProrating: 10
July 9, 2004
I give it a 10 because this is my baby wouldn t vote on it, but apparently can post info to you all if don t. So please forgive me. For those of that like the blue blade, do. 8 However, wanted just tips, model for some reason, isn allowing us do this. We are working however. You email and we will be glad send original normal blades wish. Use as he does our painting BSA. j.e.young NOT use in address. That mess with bots. He what want. fix well once figure out problem. Greg
msp741rating: 10
July 9, 2004
Best Helicopter addon for A SIm I have experienced great work
pizzapilotrating: 7
July 8, 2004
I am voting on this because it has an excelent VC. With nice VCs 0.25 zoom make all the difference, and craft it.....This is worthy of 11 if exterior effects had same attention as VC.. The solid blue circle propeller ruins whole effect.