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Aero Commander 500 Cargo (WITH VC) for FS2004 Flightsim FS2004 FS9 by Milton Shupe, Scott Thomas and Andr Folkers. Pkg incl Gmax Aircraft with hand-flyer flight dynamics (seat-of-the-pants navigation) and features a tailored era correct panel (with a few broken gauges) and easy-to-read virtual cockpit (if you wipe the dirt off), a dirty paint layout (indicative of bad weather, unimproved landing strips, pot holes, and no time to wash it) and matching interior (treated for infestations), Virtual Cockpit gauge backlighting (when the bulbs work), rain effects (guaranteed not to wash off the dirt) and specular highlites in the Virtual Cockpit and Html checklists (but who needs them). This cargo model is intended for the hardcore, backwoods, bush hauling work-a-holics trying to scrape a living out of remote freight. A clean version is also included for those obsessive-compulsive types. You might also enjoy the included 11 Cargo Flight plans.

Filesize: 12.56 MB | Added on: Jun 27, 2004 | Downloads: 4742

Users Reviews
Aero Commander 500 Cargo WITH VC FS2004 FS9 Milton Shupe. Rating: 9.40 of 10 over a total of 25 reviews.

yv6eorrating: 10
October 11, 2008
There is no 11 in the scale. Terrific job
hibernia78rating: 10
July 7, 2007
schupe,thomas and the others are best designers out there period
daveryrating: 10
January 6, 2007
From Installation to flight excelent As good as it gets,I wish some of the retail aircraft were this one.This is what sims are all about. Thanks for a great airplane
wadstwrating: 10
October 5, 2006
One of the best Freebies availible ,if you use VC and track IR 4 it has all requirements on screen using no pop ups then this is a winner aircraft . Awesome many thanks
dcferrarirating: 10
March 17, 2006
excelent planes. increbile cockpit and VC. one of my favorites
Deedee79rating: 9
September 23, 2005
If you are lookingfor a good bushplane, must have this one, it has STOL capebilities and flies very stable. I use between couple of remoted areas in Alaska.
tradeyrating: 9
July 31, 2005
this is one of the best vc I have down loaded and plane in my opinion a great handler pleasure to fly, Bloody well done highly recommend
Ektachromerating: 10
February 23, 2005
Excellent download. The VC is as good the 2D, evenbetter because you can voom and pan without graphics load interupts. I usually don t fly in mode but there no reason not to with this one. Very nice detail all around. Love it.
saltairexrating: 9
February 14, 2005
Again, everything it says on the shipping create
mcdonelldouglasrating: 5
January 9, 2005
it great but ok
l_skipperrating: 10
January 3, 2005
bigdadgibrating: 9
December 28, 2004
I love it. Dirty, nasty bush plane... Great job
nndrating: 10
December 1, 2004
This weathered cargo mule is really excellent Especially the dirty windows o
rudom2206rating: 9
November 10, 2004
smoothskiingrating: 10
October 19, 2004
excellent plane...good flight caracteristics and graphically depicture good as any professional add on
cbradshwrating: 10
August 30, 2004
I give this dirty bird a 10 because the creator did swell job at providing good virtual cockpit and paint job. The craft is fun to fly those real life flights that feel more like work aren t joke. m fan of long duration with failures lurking around corner. It s always nice having 2 prop when one engine goes out. so tired Cessna Caravan on deadstick. This top quality download my hat off it
christian4rating: 5
July 25, 2004
MrYenko81rating: 10
July 23, 2004
Very minor issues with autopilot tracking, but an awesome flight model, great visual and full panels VC. Stable IFR platform as well.
gravytrainrating: 10
July 12, 2004
Great aircraft, although I can t seem to uninstall it unzipped the folder of aircraft on my desktop and won delete 10
Jonathan5614rating: 10
July 11, 2004
Best download I ve had yet. It is not just half made then stuck online with no guages ,working buttons or virtual cockpit. In a line GREAT PLANE.
STOLrating: 10
July 8, 2004
Wightrating: 10
July 5, 2004
Best download I ve made. Beats the pants of several bush flyer types have from commercial sources. V. easy on frame rate, great flight model. LOVE dirty finsh broken instruments The plans are a treat too, took me to airports d never bother with otherwise, some them absolute hidden gems. PAHN More like this please
Turbulence7700rating: 10
July 5, 2004
Excellent model in the start, as well dirty textures and missing instruments on panel. Great touch. Like all other Aero Commanders from same author, outstanding
sparkmanrating: 10
June 28, 2004
Very cool, but the dirt must slow it down at lest 50 mph....HA great handling....good looks.....especially clean one.......dirts good Great insid and out......better get while you can......I don t rate them 10 unless they are.......
kingdograting: 10
June 27, 2004
Very nicely done. Great flier and a quality VC. Nice to see DIRTY airplane for change. Good touch.