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Complete Aircraft with Virtual Cockpit
Fs2004 gmax f-117 nighthawk.. The f-117a nighthawk is the worlds first operational aircraft designed to exploit low-observable stealth technology. The unique design of the single-seat f-117a provides exceptional combat capabilities. About the size of an f-15 eagle, the twin-engine aircraft is powered by two general electric f404 turbofan engines and has quadruple redundant fly-by-wire flight controls. Air refuelable, it supports worldwide commitments and adds to the deterrent strength of the u. s. Military forces. Model includes moving surfaces, bomb doors, pilot visor, opening canopy. Includes base textures for re-painters. by Craig Richardson.

Filesize: 2.96 MB | Added on: Jun 07, 2004 | Downloads: 10310

Users Reviews
FS2004 gmax f-117 nighthawk.. Rating: 4.61 of 10 over a total of 18 reviews.

Avkingrating: 1
July 8, 2011
This plane is the worst piece of junk you will ever fly . 1. No cockpit 2. Would crash as soon I tried to play DO NOT DOWNLOAD
Hiyenarating: 1
July 28, 2005
It was crap.No cockpit , no landing gears stalled even when i at very fast speeds. Do not download this.
Captboeing777rating: 10
April 10, 2005
Great Plane
jetflashrating: 10
March 7, 2005
bassplayer84rating: 9
February 6, 2005
Great airplane. To make the panel show up right, go in to folder of aircraft and change f 117.bmp f177.bmp. The airplane should work after that.
foureyesrating: 2
December 24, 2004
won t take off from the runway, have to slew it too about 1,000 feet above ground level, will start fly but then acts as if elevator is stuck in Down posistion, turn very well,sorry.
Ramsayrating: 6
August 16, 2004
A work in progress. fix for flight handling is available . It flys from the virtual cocpit ok but 2d panel just a black screen. I used gauges and renamed bit map then had to tweek panel.cfg get everything show.
papangorating: 3
July 19, 2004
hawkman_2rating: 2
July 2, 2004
This aircraft doesn t work. The cockpit is black, the virtual very poor, and can get take off. I evaluate because it fly. would like to second that gentleman s comments. screen was all black upon startup. Had alias another panel at least see out window. When got in air, soon discovered had no throttle control levers move on their own even with autopilot disengaged. Too bad It otherwise a nice looking plane.
BLKSHiEPrating: 2
June 30, 2004
Nice artwork, but does not want to fly.
amv1988rating: 10
June 24, 2004
mu buenooooooooo
string421rating: 10
June 24, 2004
TWizzlerating: 1
June 21, 2004
gibakaulrating: 1
June 15, 2004
This aircraft doesn t work. The cockpit is black, the virtual very poor, and can get take off. I evaluate because it fly.
rosscarterrating: 5
June 14, 2004
This aircraft is hard to take off because it jumps about and there defintly room for improvement, the copit just all black i have given this add on a 5 like virtual copit.
Spyder01rating: 8
June 11, 2004
I don t know whats wrong with all the other pplz putting negative comments...but this plane is great. Yes, ailirons are having some problems making hard to take off, but thats basically it would prefer have a cockpit rather than black screen...i tried download panel from readme file was for fs98 so wouldn work...if anyone how add looks just like v cockpit, i d give 10. Great thing that unlike of those high quality planes where if you get your scenary set ultra, frame rate goes very words, doesn end video card enjoy removed my computer, ONLY because think great, doors open perfectly and See sound package as well. Enjoy
robinshoodsrating: 1
June 11, 2004
xtracting to I Program FilesMicrosoft GamesFS 9 Add on aircraftF 117 cr Use Path yes Overlay Files no Extracting F117 notes.txt F117.air Aircraft.cfg readme.txt File id.diz.txt pilot.bmp Thumbs.db 11.bmp 4.bmp 10.bmp 8.bmp 12.bmp 13.bmp 1.bmp 3.bmp 5.bmp 6.bmp 7.bmp bad CRC 852064fb should be d30d7968 Warning the size of extracted file 1046965 does not match uncompressed 1048650 recorded in zip 9.bmp 2 T.bmp 14.bmp Sound.cfg Panel.cfg model.cfg f117.mdl 2.bmp Image2.jpg Image1.jpg Image3.gif
jhklomaniirating: 1
June 8, 2004
In the years I have been with Surclaro this is first rating ve given out. Usually just delete a bad aircraft but had to comment on one... It plain bad. The only redeeming feature pilot which author got somewhere else. Don t these people test their work Give it someone objective test. Before you say, can do better YES, due recent spate of files showing up here, begun my own work. does take lot wouldn dump net until knew worked all way around