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Complete Aircraft with Virtual Cockpit
Fs2004 stratojet excalibur the excalibur from stratojet is a fictive supersonic businessjet. The excalibur has a jetfighter-like manoevrability and has stol capabilitys. Fs2004, dynamic virtual cockpit, 2 liverys, reflective textures, opening door, all parts animated; wheels, ailerons, rudder, steering, etc, panel with many tailored gauges, effects, pilot.. . Sounds by aaron r. Swindle (skysong soundworks). Aircraft by eugene heyart.

Filesize: 7.11 MB | Added on: May 11, 2004 | Downloads: 18403

Users Reviews
FS2004 stratojet excalibur a fictive supersonic. Rating: 7.98 of 10 over a total of 54 reviews.

R6chrisrating: 1
October 10, 2013
Uninstaled, caused fs2004 to crash.
chasmusicrating: 10
May 4, 2012
Excellent fictional aircraft. Handles easily and really fun to fly. Credit the designer Eugene Heyart for a superb addon.
polorclawrating: 8
June 6, 2008
Great plane, the plane handles very well at mach 2.25. Landing takes some getting used to as it can land only 95knots. Overall its easily best third party aircraft I have downloaded so far.
kahramantrating: 10
September 1, 2007
lilboyrating: 5
August 29, 2007
I downloaded this and it works BUT i only see the main screen in cockpit no gauges, handles, or buttons, if anyone can help.. thx either than that, plane is amazing LOL
Inbrekerrating: 9
August 7, 2007
I have allready flow many diffrent aircroft from the right flyer i fligh it over atlantic oceaun to Airbus A 380 but this one is somephting nevver seen before its really a great plane and easy handle tried fly on deurne airfiel EBAW in antwerpen then flowen JFK new york
ryan15rating: 10
July 26, 2007
Great Work
Stubbedtoe16rating: 10
June 24, 2007
You can trust anything by Eugene Heyart. Also get the Stratojet Chronos and Albatross, as well his Merlin. Complete DVC, Amazing custom panel, supersonic cruise, an overall great, solid flyer. Another must for any simmer.
dickatp1rating: 9
May 28, 2007
if you are tired of flying 450 knots ll love this. I have no pproblems running this program but also used ADDIT PRO to load it in fs9
horseman1988rating: 10
November 28, 2006
This is one incredible add on, too bad the thing doesn t exist, YET If it did I d wanna buy first easy to fly and everything works which a plus in my book
mafikorating: 5
October 29, 2006
jeckmaisrating: 10
October 10, 2006
tollrating: 8
September 5, 2006
I m a relative newcomer to the site and have just downloaded this plane. It s fantastic plane, but only got one or two of gauges. will try downloading it again see if get full panel, use another panel. Apart from problem, would be 10.
k1000rating: 10
July 28, 2006
Excellent Add on love the breakhelp gauge. I have had gauges not work before, but i re downloaded and installed it worked perfectly. don t know what did different. Great job
wellingrating: 8
May 13, 2006
Not bad but the most instruments in cokpit are missing. does anyone know why
etxjimrating: 2
January 9, 2006
I can NEVER get it to work on my system
kawadude11rating: 10
December 10, 2005
tomvincent100rating: 2
November 27, 2005
It looks awsome, but it shut down FS every time I tried to load
magnottarating: 9
October 27, 2005
First fully functional supersonic jet I ve ever downloaded...really nice ...and most of all IT WORKS External paint may be better..I mean...If could develope a fs2004 aircraft would painted it in the weird ways Excellent
09El_Boissevainrating: 10
October 15, 2005
This is one of the best Supersonic jets on download It has a complete panel VC cockpit, exterior textures and even interior accelerates to MACH 2.35 or deacelerates 250kts WITHIN 10 SECONDS handles great at low speeds I am very impressed its handling. have no problems whatsoever, although FS used crash in mid air, don t know what error was, but now it s fixed anyway. If you need superfast transport, this superjet must Please make more these aircrafts
henkievanfeenrating: 10
August 2, 2005
very nice this one
EnDSchultzrating: 9
July 26, 2005
Ok a note to everyone who wants download this, DONT load the plane from Create A Flight screen. When you click Fly Now it WILL crash FS2004. You have start flight with another aircraft, then switch there. Other than that strage bug, great plane.
breitnatrating: 3
June 27, 2005
Every time I crash it, it shuts down the fs2004
sexymanrating: 9
April 22, 2005
this plane is the best, but one thing that bugs me that, it doesnt have a control panel. Where i can put autopolit on it, or see main control.
Szekirating: 10
March 17, 2005
This is the greatest download I ve ever seen Fast, nice and GREAT Now m started to fly round world with this plane in FS 2004.
arnirating: 8
February 21, 2005
I have problem vith this plane when using flightplaner. othervice it is a very nice plane.
bullgatorrating: 5
January 1, 2005
I have enjoyed flying this aircraft, but now it crashes my flight sim. Would like some help so can enjoy again.
WillyManrating: 9
December 28, 2004
This aircraft is worth the download... it fast, fun to fly and I have experienced no technical problems in FS2004.
rit22rating: 8
December 5, 2004
best jet i ever downloaded the break help is a good and make landing really easy.
MegaMichirating: 10
November 29, 2004
The only plane I now fly. A complete dream machine.
trdsldrating: 9
November 25, 2004
Very nice work I screamed to STL at 2.3 MACH Handles well.
hartmrating: 9
October 29, 2004
A great plane for practising big jet aproaches on. Very very forgiving in its handling and fast. Not as realistic some planes, but who cares
Amazing_Aviator_Pilotrating: 1
October 27, 2004
This Plane on my computer always make simulator Mess up I Have 2004 and windows XP
clint264714rating: 1
October 27, 2004
This plane crashed my system everytime I tried to load it
Captain_seanrating: 10
October 17, 2004
AWSOME Just what I have been looking for
finalheaven164rating: 10
September 5, 2004
jbasilrating: 9
September 5, 2004
this is the best download i have ever downloaded. only problem that it crashes flight simulator everytime try to use it. if could be fixed would rate at a 15. recomened anyone who wants fast small plane. wish was real one.
lantturating: 9
August 15, 2004
Excellent One minor thing though, I can t get the autopilot to follow glide slope when doing an ILS approach... do it with other planes so think s not my incompetence... but a as said
assassin4rating: 10
July 23, 2004
MrYenko81rating: 10
July 17, 2004
jimkellyrating: 8
July 12, 2004
shaunourating: 9
June 27, 2004
Thia aircraft is blast to fly It has plenty of power and handles well at low airspeeds. Well done Eugene
daveman19872rating: 10
June 11, 2004
simply THE BEST
atc1rating: 9
June 1, 2004
I really like the aircraft...It is probably one of easiest realistic flight for a supersonic aircraft especially when landing using IFR. The only problem that have with it, can t select it from FS2004 menu. Everytime do, FS crashes. However if start say Skylane and switch planes works fine. If could be remedied you would an A 1 10 Should talk to manufacturer produce real
JetRanger0007rating: 9
May 31, 2004
Great Aircraft,,it flys great ,,Looks Cool,, and well designed Liked the fact it came with 2 different paint schemes. Flys very Fast also I rate this aircraft a 9 Thanks for making available to us
vacrating: 9
May 20, 2004
I ve had no problems at all with this plane. Very fast and easy to fly.
alialinkrating: 10
May 19, 2004
Great plane
kingdograting: 9
May 17, 2004
I have had no problems whatever with this plane. Great flyer. Maybe a bit unrealistic though. it up to mach 1.51 ground speed of 927kn. It would STILL go faster. Fun fly if you like
acrobatrating: 8
May 15, 2004
Works great for me and is very fast
Wingwarprating: 9
May 13, 2004
I had no problems when downloaded. Handles great and fly s very well.
Yannos_Audrinrating: 5
May 13, 2004
Fine looking and flying aircraft for the most part with two GLARING exceptions first being that when I pull back on stick to make it climb, dives downward. Second, press A P master switch, becomes uncontrollable. Cure these problems would be best bizjet in existence.
zedmibrating: 1
May 12, 2004
My Simulator crashes when I attempt to fly this aircraft. Any hints
chrzanowski00rating: 10
May 12, 2004
mokopilarating: 10
May 12, 2004
This is an bsolutly briliant aircraft and piece of work. It absolute MUST to any high speed fan.