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Complete Aircraft with Virtual Cockpit
FS2004 Skycar M400 Production Type. A Four Seat 8 Engine Heli Plane With Retracting Gear And Folding Wings Complete Animations, Pilot Head, Pasenger Head, Suspention On Wheels Turning Wheels, Opening Of Two Doors Four Engine Rudders. A Compleet Click Vr 360 Deg. Cockpit I Comes In Four Different Liveries Includes Aircraft And Sound Files By Ac Kerkhove.

Filesize: 36.24 MB | Added on: May 07, 2004 | Downloads: 4349

Users Reviews
FS2004 Skycar M400 Production Type. Rating: 7.10 of 10 over a total of 21 reviews.

connor2678rating: 1
August 12, 2009
could not open the .zip it was coroupted
Dan81rating: 10
May 12, 2007
You people that rated this Skycar Below great have not seen the Discovery Channel Dan81 car of future
jabbatoerating: 4
July 26, 2006
too much going on for my slow computer. framerate to 6 10
Sora26rating: 3
January 3, 2006
I am giving this a three because could not get to work on MSFS2004 COF. The readme doesn t help much at all. Also, just so you know it is safe, there are no explicit files that come with this. Happy flying
LearJet-fs9rating: 8
December 13, 2005
Preety good but how do ya go 350kts I cant faster than 130kts.
skeletorw84rating: 1
March 23, 2005
i couldnt get this to work on my computer, have msfs2004, there were tons of files canit figure out where put them.. is the only add plane ive had a problem with.. in addition o this, one extra got was porn. naked lady spread bed. suggest someone fixes before some child gets their hands file.
stuartyrating: 1
October 29, 2004
thechosen1rating: 10
July 17, 2004
dont no wtf u guys r talkin bout, my version exelent vstol, max speed 375mph landing 50mph, great airplane very deataled.
beebrating: 9
July 8, 2004
left side panel a little bare flies like helicopter overall excellent aircraft
dav737rating: 10
June 14, 2004
mokopilarating: 5
May 26, 2004
Its perfect in every other way exept how it flys like a helicopter
gmyers2112rating: 5
May 24, 2004
Great look. Horrible flight characteristics. Set up as helicopter dynamics and max speed of 120mph. This craft should transition to fixed wing from hover type I believe the skycar has a cruise in high 200 s. Look around for previous attempt by this designer AC Kerkhove or AV8B Harrier II By Jim Atkins. Study their air files try again. The model looks fantastic. Now if it would just fly correctly.
wingcommandrating: 10
May 23, 2004
G-BSFRrating: 10
May 23, 2004
Wicked and weird.
alex14rating: 10
May 20, 2004
wonderrating: 10
May 16, 2004
Doctor_Bobrating: 8
May 14, 2004
Ok It is Cool But Try Using the flap controls to control pitch of VOTL Thrusters, that way it won t work as a heli all time. And you should no have any Cyclic Forces. Are defining aircraft having four engines becouse start with tuboprop not Heli. This my Craft more Realistic fly. get li9ke Harrier 2.
STOLrating: 4
May 11, 2004
not realistic flight, limited speed 120 Kts
marks1rating: 10
May 10, 2004
dfarrrrating: 10
May 9, 2004
v nice good contoll
artcotto1rating: 10
May 8, 2004