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The Bell 47 Since First Certified By The Civil Aeronautics Administration In 1946 Has Provided Life Saving And Productive Activities And It Was The First Helicopter Approved For Civilian Use. It Was A Life Saver In The Korean War And Its Use In Bringing Wounded Soldiers Straight From The Battlefield To Mash Units Was Immeasurable In Terms Of Lives Saved, Unlike Anything Before It, The Bell 47 Proved To Be A Priceless Asset In Modern Warfare. Its Use Has Spawned A Following And Reputation Like No Other. Recognized In Movies And On Tv Shows, It Has An Infamous Following As A World Renowned Helicopter And Has A Widely Recognized And Important Role In Aviation History. Original Design By: Jean-marie Mermaz Textures repaint And Rework Of The Reflective Textures And Transparencies (not The Original Ones But The Ones By Ulrich Ferner) By: John Blankenship

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Bell 47 Certified Civil Aeronautics Administration 1946. Rating: 9.67 of 10 over a total of 3 reviews.

jamesmjrating: 10
October 7, 2009
GREAT DETAIL, Flys great with lowest realism settings for me
jshultarating: 9
November 16, 2006
In_Notrating: 10
November 12, 2004