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  Boeing 737NG CFM56-7B Sounds (4) 
Boeing 737NG CFM56-7B Sounds image 1

Thither are two ways to install. INSTALATION 1. 1. Delete sound file at heart your 737 folder. 2. imitate and glue the sound folder that came in the 737NG CFM56-7B zip file. INSTALATION 2. 1. Delete the contents interior your 737 sound folder. 2. simulate and ...

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  Rolls Royce RB-211-535XX soundpack  
Rolls Royce RB-211-535XX soundpack image 1

Simulating the engines fitted on Boeing 757 and Tupolev Tu-204 214. A lot of research has been done in order to get as real as possible. As usual my perspective is from what you hear in the cockpit which generally means that your hear the engine more in the ...

Downloads: 2029 | 55.23 MB
  Pratt and Whitney Boeing 777 engine sounds (1) 
Pratt and Whitney Boeing 777 engine sounds image 1

INSTALATION 1. Delete the contents inside your 777 sound folder. 2. Copy and paste the contents of the PW4074 folder and put it inside your 777 sound folder. 3. Thats it! Hope you like it.

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  P51 Mustang default improvement sounds FSX  
P51 Mustang default improvement sounds FSX image 1

Corrected the garbled exterior walk around sounds. Also corrected the interior and exterior AI sounds. Aaron R. Swindle Skysong Soundworks FS Audio Since 1996. Install readme included.

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  Airbus A320 Rolls Royce RB211 Sounds  
Airbus A320 Rolls Royce RB211 Sounds image 1

INSTALATION 1. Delete the sound folder in your A320 folder. 2. Copy and paste the sound folder that you just downloaded, and put it in your A320 folder. By, Kevin McDermott

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  DC-10 Sound Cooper Honeyman Put sound desired aircraft  
DC-10 Sound image 1

By Cooper Honeyman Put the sound file in the desired DC-10 aircraft file in your simobjects airplanes folder. Overwrite existing sound file. Easy enough. Enjoy! Mainly for use with Thomas Ruth or SGA DC-10 models.

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  GE90-115B soundkit Luke Hogan I Guarantee free soundpack  
GE90-115B soundkit image 1

By Luke Hogan I Guarantee that this is the best free soundpack for the 777 GE90 engine on the web! I made this soundkit using real sounds and a mix of other sounds to give you the realistic feeling of flying a 777 with the GE90 engine! SOUND CONES ARE COMING SOON ...

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  Boeing 737-300 400 500 flaps sounds pack (1) 
Boeing 737-300/400/500 flaps sounds pack image 1

I created a sound pack flaps for Boeing 737-300 400 500. You can also use it for the B737-200, sounds the same to me. In this pack are eight sounds, six of them obtained from videos. Two other audio files I have a very long time. Nobody is written as an author ...

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  fs2004 fsx Real P&W R-2800 fastcats  
fs2004/fsx Real P&W R-2800 fastcats image 1

High quality, P&W R2800 soundpack using authentic recordings only, exclusively for fast, twin engined aircraft; Tigercat, Invader etc. This release is the response to test flying the truly remarkable Grumman F7 Tigercat created by Milton Shupe, an ...

Downloads: 2652 | 18.27 MB
  Real sounds Zeppelin aircraft FS 2000  

Background note. Because I could not find any sounds that was real life for this aircraft, I decide to do something about it. Therefore I have made some sample records from an real Zeppelin, and I think it did come up very nice, so Im happy to share it ...

Downloads: 1372 | 1.49 MB