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  FS2002 Delta Boeing 737-300  
FS2002 Delta Boeing 737-300 image 1
Complete Aircraft

N302WA. New livery. The aircraft features all parts animated; wheels, ailerons, rudder, steering, etc, including moving fan blades, ailerons, flaps, gear and more. The titles and tail are picture realisitc but have been edited to show properly in Flight Simulator.

Downloads: 1301 | 970.00 Kb
  FS2002 Kalinin K-4 Features animated prop completely new (1) 
FS2002 Kalinin K-4 image 1
Complete Aircraft

Features animated prop, completely new aircraft dynamics (featured realistic non-supercharged engine, realistic drag and fixed-pitch ariscrew) and new panel.

Downloads: 1388 | 406.00 Kb
  FS2002 Fairey Fantome package  
FS2002 Fairey Fantome package image 2
Complete Aircraft

A mono-post fighter aircraft, designed and built by Fairey Aviation in 1934, for a competition set up by the Belgian Air Ministry, for a replacement for their current fighter aircraft.

Downloads: 1654 | 0 bytes
  FS2002 Pro - Aeroworks ARX-3 Raptor (2) 
FS2002 Pro - Aeroworks ARX-3 Raptor image 1
Complete Aircraft

The ARX-3 is a fictional two-place recreational push-prop concept plane that incorporates a glass cockpit, delta planform, twin inward-angled all-moving rudder, virtual cockpit, and an all-moving elevator (stabilator) and cruises around 300kts. Uses GPS feature of ...

Downloads: 2665 | 260.00 Kb
  Flightsim FS2004 FS98 Frontier Airlines Convair CV-580 (1) 
Flightsim FS2004/FS98 Frontier Airlines Convair image 1
Complete Aircraft

Turbo-prop. Features main passengers cabin door open close, animated landing gear, and animated props.

Downloads: 1901 | 76.00 Kb
  FS2002 PZL 101A Gawron 1968-  
FS2002 PZL 101A Gawron 1968- image 1

Flight controls, props and gear are all animated.

Downloads: 1865 | 1.18 MB
  FS2002 Prop Morane Rallye Club MS880B  
FS2002 Prop Morane Rallye Club MS880B image 1
Complete Aircraft

A all parts animated; wheels, ailerons, rudder, steering, etc.. trainer with specific panel.

Downloads: 2047 | 2.18 MB
  FS2002 U.S Customs Lockheed P3 Sentinal Four-engine  
FS2002 U.S image 1
Complete Aircraft

Customs Lockheed P3 "Sentinal". Four-engine turboprop Surveillance Aircraft. Full animation, Full lighting, working IRDS turret, working APU door and FS2K Turboprop .air file. Also the ability to shut down Engine 1 or 4 inflight in the feathered position. All ...

Downloads: 3775 | 734.00 Kb
Downloads: 1481 | 98.00 Kb
  FS2002 Jetcruzer A high speed entry-level light propjet  
FS2002 Jetcruzer image 1
Complete Aircraft

A high speed, entry-level light propjet that has good performance. Includes aircraft, panel and sounds.

Downloads: 1407 | 2.73 MB

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