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  FS2002 B-36B Panel Clive Indy a panel with internal views  
FS2002 B-36B Panel Clive Indy B-36B image 1

Internal views),Sound and FDE. These files can be used to update FS2000 aircraft to FS2002 or may be used as a base for any one creating a new visual model.

Downloads: 1182 | 9.97 MB
  FS2002 Panel Sukhoi SU-7 matching virtual panel Americo  
FS2002 Panel Sukhoi SU-7 matching virtual image 1

Of the SU-7 from Americo Maia (su7 Of course this panel can also be used for all other Sukhois-7 or as generic panel for Russion jetfighters of the 60th. By Erwin welker.

Downloads: 1112 | 907.21 Kb
  FS2002 B-36D L Panel complete panel and gauge s a late (1) 
FS2002 B-36D L Panel file complete image 1

Panel and gauge files for a late model B-36 Peacemaker panel. Models -D and later had six reciprocating and four jet engines. Managing the six huge recips was left to the flight engineer, and the instruments gauges for the jet engines were on the pilots panel. ...

Downloads: 1342 | 3.27 MB
  Fs2002 exclusively Super mystere b2 (1) 
Fs2002 exclusively Super mystere b2 image 1

A development of the super mystere b1. Prototypes were powered by a snecma atar 101g jet engine. Author W. Regeer

Downloads: 984 | 416.23 Kb
  panel a fs98 suitable big plane jet (2) 
panel fs98 panel suitable image 1

Plane or jet. It contains all the nesasary instruments gauges for a big plane. It isnt designed to a model of plane but instruments gauges are positioned for ease of use. Have fun... Copyright (c) 2004 Thomas Yorkshire

Downloads: 1005 | 536.41 Kb
  Cessna 152 panel s panels  
Cessna 152 panel panel created image 1

Files from various other panels. Original files are from: carenado (panel_background. Bmp, radioold. Gau, radiocessnab. Gau), the panel (cessna152. Fuel. Gau, cessna152. Heat. Gau), and the (cg152ec. Gau). This panel is ...

Downloads: 1303 | 1.04 MB
  A picturerealistic panel twin piston engine aircraft piper  
picturerealistic panel twin piston image 1

Aircraft piper seneca v (fs 2002 pro). Uses msfs default and freeware instruments gauges of several authors. Based on a picture by beat acherman. Becomes an ifr panel if the windows are set properly. By gianni mattarozzi

Downloads: 1103 | 2.72 MB
  Panel pistons engine piper cherokee pa28 retractile gear  
Panel pistons engine piper cherokee pa28 image 1

Retractile gear (fs 2002 pro version). It comes with a patch for fs 2004 tailored aircraft. Usefull for comparable aircrafts of the same family. Uses msfs default and freeware instruments gauges of several authors. Becames an ifr panel if the windows are setted ...

Downloads: 1032 | 1.26 MB
  Fs2002 grumman ea-6b prowler new 2d panel including (1) 
Fs2002 grumman ea-6b prowler new 2d panel image 1

Nessesary instruments gauges and bitmaps. Made by herbert pralle

Downloads: 1223 | 1.27 MB
  Fs2002 boeing 737 three panel pack  
Fs2002 boeing 737 three panel pack image 1

Has captain; first officer and vfr panels with hot switching. Mouse friendly panels with easily read main gauges, by richard probst. Change seats with 2 mouse clicks, no need to adjust views. Includes gps, yokes, hud, and fuel panel. With female voice altitude ...

Downloads: 1970 | 6.08 MB

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