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  FSX Utility - V7.3.5 Addit! Pro  
FSX Utility - V7.3.5 Addit! Pro image 1

For Flight Simulator X Addit! Pro is a comprehensive addon manager for Flight Simulator X. Easily install, manage and remove aircraft, adventures, flights, flight plans, gauges, missions, panels, A.I. airport and facilities data, scenery, sounds, textures, videos, ...

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  FS98 FS2000 Sound Beriev Be-200  
FS98/FS2000 Sound Beriev Be-200 image 1

Sound files for Beriev Be-200. Includes a 2 step sound of the Progress D-436TP engines. There are two versiones includes - one for the land version and one for the water version of the Be-200. created by Andre Lederer

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  SP2A Update readme renovated part 1 (1) 
SP2A Update readme renovated part 1 image 2
Complete Aircraft with VC

MDL file (Replace) 2.Texture (Towing tractor) 3. Posky Utility Panel (Just replace) 4. Guages So copy PkyNosegearsteerling.xml and PkyPBTowhead.xml to the Panel Posky777 folder For Panel and guages download a new set.

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  Flightsim FS2004 FS98 Sound Boeing 787 s 787-8 Dreamliner (4) 
Flightsim FS2004/FS98 Sound Boeing 787 Sound image 1

Flightsim FS2004 FS98 Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner ( by Stephan Scholz and Udo Entenmann. Includes a 3 step sound of the Rolls-Royce Trent 1000 with a great turbofan sound at take off power and a nice gear sound with a voice of a charming female co-pilot. ...

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  coordinates wrong position ? latitude and longitude  
coordinates wrong position ? latitude image 1

Longitude are never enough to accurately define your position. The en- closed pdf document explains why and with the program you can do some calculations. Based on the EPSG database ( QCoord is based on former CTransF. The new version corrects bugs ...

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  API s with FSDS2 tested FSSC and FS2002.Landrover (1) 
API files created with FSDS2 tested FSSC and image 1
Textures Only

FS2002.Landrover ambulance in four different colour schemes. They are freeware, use them in any way you like giving it is strictly non-commercial. I created these to add interest to my own airports, but if anyone can find a use for such outdated objects as apis ...

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  FS2000 2002 - real jet sounds and FS2002  

Im tired of all jets sounds like a learjet, its boring, so i maked thoose sounds for all type of jet aircraft, can use it for a cessna, but it will be a bit weird whit a cessna that sounds like a jet... but the point is that thoose sounds are maked for ...

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  Italian Air Force Republic F-84G Thunderjet  
Italian Air Force Republic F-84G Thunderjet image 1
Textures Only

Textures exclusively for 3 different aircrafts : 5th, 51th Aerobrigata and Tigri Bianche Aerobatic Team (White Tigers), Italy 1953 1955. These textures require the FREEWARE original aircraft by Jens B. Kristensen ( Installation instructions are ...

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  FOKKER 28-4000 AI-repint aerocontinente tansperu and IAW  
FOKKER 28-4000 AI-repint aerocontinente image 1
Complete Aircraft with VC

IAW, textures are in 32bit, but u can convert them to DXT for better frames model is included as well, mainly for AI-taffic but also flyable. installation: unzip to main aircraft folder - - model by: Fernando Martinez textures by: Luis Felipe Pech Pacheco ...

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  FS2002 Utility - V5.5.9 Addit! Pro Flight Simulator 2002 a  
FS2002 Utility - V5.5.9 Addit! Pro Flight image 1

2002 Addit! Pro is a comprehensive addon manager for Flight Simulator 2002. Easily install, manage and remove adventures, aircraft, airport and facilities data, A.I. flight plans, flights, panels, scenery, skins and repaints, sounds, textures and videos. Archive ...

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