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FS2002 Star Wars MARS GUO'S PODRACER VERSION 2 image 1
Complete Aircraft
This little pod is a fan's dream. The panel needs some work, but it truely fun aircraft. It can fly, VERY FAST!!! by Germin Login
FS2002 Spaceships | 3.33 MB | 20-Nov-2002 | Downloads: 7493
  FS2002 Star Wars Millenium Falcon (37) 
FS2002 Star Wars Millenium Falcon image 1
Complete Aircraft with VC
A GMAX craft the Falcon is fully animated with a Virtual dynamic cockpit fitted fold away guages to provides good field of view when sight seeing. Side door opens and landing lights e.t.c. also included. This intended be flown using virtual main panel for reference ...
FS2002 Spaceships | 3.41 MB | 13-Oct-2002 | Downloads: 15352
  FS2002 Star Wars T-65 X-Wing Starfighter Red 5 (17) 
FS2002 Star Wars T-65 X-Wing Starfighter red 5 image 1
Complete Aircraft
The famous and glorious hero aircraft for Flight Simulator 2002 By Thomas B. Beard (mtbeer)
FS2002 Spaceships | 339.59 Kb | 08-Oct-2002 | Downloads: 10073
  FS2002 Scenery Star Wars Ville De Coruscant La Des (3) 
Ville De Coruscant La Et Des Vaisseaux Du Film Autour By Olivier Bochu
FS2002 Scenery | 1.14 MB | 19-May-2002 | Downloads: 1548
  FS2002 Star Wars Battleship (8) 
FS2002 Star wars battleship image 1
Complete Aircraft
The Millennium Falcon v1.0 By Steve Robinson
FS2002 Spaceships | 2.20 MB | 23-Jul-2001 | Downloads: 7997
  EPMO2012 X V1 FSX Warszawa Modlin Airport Scenery EPMO  
EPMO2012 X v1 FSX Warszawa Modlin Airport image 1
New airport for the Polish capital, with low cost airlines aiming to provide a cheap alternative services from Warsaws Chopin International Airport. Modlin Airport, located 35 kilometres north of city centre, was erected on former military airfield and it is hoped ...
FSX Scenery | 5.25 MB | 23-Aug-2016 | Downloads: 1334
  CFS Macro - Fiat-Ansaldo M13 40 API MACRO Version A WWII  
CFS Macro - Fiat-Ansaldo M13/40 - API MACRO image 1
Textures Only
Of a WWII ground vehicle. This is another api macro an Italian vehicle created by Easy Object Designer (EOD), for CFS scenery designers that they work with Airport 2.0 or later. The Fiat Ansaldo M13 40 was medium tank (M Medio (medium), 13 ton and 1940), designed ...
Combat Flightsim | 318.12 Kb | 30-Aug-2012 | Downloads: 1059
  Pilotable Heavy IJN Cruiser Kumano FS2002 FS2004  
Pilotable Heavy IJN Cruiser Kumano image 1
Special Effects
FS2004 Features For for pilotable IJN heavy cruiser Kumano (download from Usio no Ibuki required). The most graphics of this AddOn can also be used the cruisers Mogami or Suzuya. All those are very detailed CFS2 warships Masazumi Kaneko in a high quality but ...
FS2004 Land & Water | 6.90 MB | 10-Feb-2012 | Downloads: 1360
  FS2004 FSX Curtiss P-6E Hawk Biplane Fighter (1) 
FS2004/FSX Curtiss P-6E Hawk biplane fighter image 1
Complete Aircraft with VC
Curtiss built biplanes that equipped fighter units of the Air corps and Navy during 1920s 30s were inspired developed by air racing early 1930s. The P 6E had a modified fuselage, single strut landing gear with stylish wheel fairings 700 hp engine Prestone cooling. ...
FSX Military aircraft | 7.94 MB | 10-Apr-2010 | Downloads: 5904
  FS2002 FS2004 Klingon Scout Class StarShip Bird Prey (9) 
FS2002/FS2004 Klingon Scout Class StarShip Bird image 1
Complete Aircraft
Science Fiction Animation Plastic Model Series No.24. The Klingon Bird of Prey was a type warship in service with the Defense Force during latter half 23rd century. It gained its name from unusual bird like shape wings and long main hull. Birds are typically fitted ...
Concept Aircraft | 1.34 MB | 27-Jun-2006 | Downloads: 4625