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FlightPlans/IR-126 (FARMINGTON NM).PLN

1.02 Kb
FlightPlans/IR-137 (TAOS NM).PLN

1.61 Kb
FlightPlans/IR-177 (LAMAR CO).PLN

3.15 Kb
FlightPlans/IR-200 (DEATH VALLEY CA).PLN

2.21 Kb
FlightPlans/IR-266 (GLEN CANYON UT).pln

1.77 Kb
FlightPlans/IR-293 (MILFORD UT).PLN

1.93 Kb
FlightPlans/IR-300 (BOISE ID).pln

1.15 Kb
FlightPlans/IR-301 (SALMON ID).PLN

1.49 Kb
FlightPlans/IR-302 (TWIN FALLS ID).PLN

1.07 Kb

1.48 Kb
FlightPlans/IR-304 (BAKER CITY OR).pln

1.65 Kb
FlightPlans/IR-305 (BURLEY ID).pln

1.24 Kb
FlightPlans/IR-307 (SALMON ID).pln

1.05 Kb
FlightPlans/IR-308 (TAOS NM).pln

1.88 Kb
FlightPlans/IR-313 (BOISE ID).pln

2.07 Kb
FlightPlans/IR-320 (HOLBROOK AZ).PLN

1.00 Kb
FlightPlans/IR-324 (GRAND COULEE WA).PLN

905 bytes
FlightPlans/IR-325 (MOSES LAKE WA).PLN

1009 bytes
FlightPlans/IR-326 (SPOKANE WA).pln

974 bytes
FlightPlans/IR-327 (SPOKANE WA).PLN

1004 bytes
FlightPlans/IR-328 (GRAND COULEE WA).pln

1.05 Kb
FlightPlans/IR-329 (RICHLANDS WA).pln

1019 bytes
FlightPlans/IR-330 (MOSES LAKE WA).pln

1.03 Kb
FlightPlans/IR-341 (YAKIMA WA).pln

1.10 Kb
FlightPlans/IR-342 (BURNS OR).pln

1.57 Kb
FlightPlans/IR-343 (PENDLETON OR).pln

1.57 Kb
FlightPlans/IR-344 (MT HOOD OR).PLN

1.33 Kb
FlightPlans/IR-346 (EUGENE OR).pln

1.19 Kb
FlightPlans/IR-348 (WENATCHEE WA).pln

991 bytes
FlightPlans/IR-409 (PUBELO CO).pln

664 bytes
FlightPlans/IR-414 (LIMON CO).pln

795 bytes
FlightPlans/IR-415 (LIMON CO).pln

1.21 Kb
FlightPlans/IR-416 (CHEYENNE WY).pln

717 bytes
FlightPlans/IR-418 (GREAT SALT LAKE UT).pln

717 bytes
FlightPlans/IR-420 (GREAT SALT LAKE UT).pln

794 bytes
FlightPlans/IR-424 (DENVER CO).pln

3.02 Kb
FlightPlans/IR-425 (DEATH VALLEY CA).pln

3.27 Kb
FlightPlans/IR-473 (BILLINGS MT).pln

2.96 Kb
FlightPlans/IR-479 (GREAT FALLS MT).pln

2.03 Kb
FlightPlans/IR-480 (GREAT FALLS MT).pln

1.93 Kb
FlightPlans/IR-485 STRC (RAPID CITY SD).pln

2.69 Kb
FlightPlans/IR-492 STRC (RAPID CITY SD).pln

2.17 Kb
FlightPlans/IR-499 STRC (WORLAND WY).pln

1.91 Kb
FlightPlans/IR-654 (VANCOUVER BC).pln

1.82 Kb
FlightPlans/SR-300 (STOCKTON CA).pln

1.82 Kb
FlightPlans/SR-301 (MARYVILLE CA).pln

659 bytes
FlightPlans/SR-488 (SEATTLE WA).pln

596 bytes
FlightPlans/SR-489 (SEATTLE WA).pln

1.47 Kb
FlightPlans/VR-1251 (MEDFORD OR).pln

1014 bytes
FlightPlans/VR-1301 (BURNS OR).pln

832 bytes
FlightPlans/VR-1302 (BOISE ID).pln

1.32 Kb
FlightPlans/VR-1303 (BOISE ID).pln

1.46 Kb
FlightPlans/VR-1304 (BOISE ID).pln

1.53 Kb
FlightPlans/VR-1305 (BOISE ID).pln

1.18 Kb
FlightPlans/VR-1350 (WENATCHEE WA).pln

1.38 Kb
FlightPlans/VR-1351 (SPOKANE WA).pln

937 bytes
FlightPlans/VR-1352 (BURNS OR).pln

1007 bytes
FlightPlans/VR-1353 (WASCO OR).pln

878 bytes
FlightPlans/VR-1354 (WALLA WALLA WA).pln

1.00 Kb
FlightPlans/VR-1355 (YAKIMA WA).pln

1.01 Kb
FlightPlans/VR-1422 (GREAT SALT LAKE UT).pln

777 bytes
FlightPlans/VR-1423 (GREAT SALT LAKE UT).PLN

597 bytes
FlightPlans/VR-1445 (GREAT SALT LAKE UT).pln

595 bytes
FlightPlans/VR-1446 (GREAT SALT LAKE UT).pln

1.36 Kb
FlightPlans/VR-209 (CEDAR CITY UT).PLN

1.25 Kb
FlightPlans/VR-316 (BURNS OR).pln

1.25 Kb
FlightPlans/VR-319 (BURNS OR).pln

1.10 Kb
FlightPlans/VR-331 (TACOMA WA).PLN

551 bytes
FlightPlans/VR-410 (PUEBLO CO).PLN

551 bytes
FlightPlans/VR-411 (PUEBLO CO).PLN

1.10 Kb
FlightPlans/VR-413 (COLORADO SPRINGS CO).pln



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