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FlightPlans/IR-102 (VAN HORN TX).PLN

1.54 Kb
FlightPlans/IR-107 (TUCUMCARI NM).PLN

1.60 Kb
FlightPlans/IR-109 (TAOS NM).PLN

1.97 Kb
FlightPlans/IR-110 (SANTA FE NM).pln

1.83 Kb
FlightPlans/IR-111 (SANTA FE NM).PLN

1.41 Kb
FlightPlans/IR-112 (FLAGSTAFF AZ).PLN

1.12 Kb
FlightPlans/IR-113 (FORT SUMNER NM).PLN

609 bytes
FlightPlans/IR-115 Holloman AFB NM.PLN

670 bytes
FlightPlans/IR-116 Holloman AFB NM.PLN

2.11 Kb
FlightPlans/IR-126 (FARMINGTON NM).PLN

2.60 Kb
FlightPlans/IR-128 (MIDLANDS TX).pln

598 bytes
FlightPlans/IR-131 (WHITE SANDS NM).pln

601 bytes
FlightPlans/IR-132 (WHITE SANDS NM).pln

1.02 Kb
FlightPlans/IR-133 (ALAMOGORDO NM).PLN

1.18 Kb
FlightPlans/IR-134 (ALAMOGORDO NM).PLN

1.02 Kb
FlightPlans/IR-137 (TAOS NM).PLN

1.76 Kb
FlightPlans/IR-141 (DELL CITY TX).PLN

965 bytes
FlightPlans/IR-142 (ROSWELL NM).PLN

1.83 Kb
FlightPlans/IR-150 (DELHART TX).PLN

2.11 Kb

1.13 Kb
FlightPlans/IR-180 (ODESSA TX).PLN

1.97 Kb
FlightPlans/IR-192 (CARLSBAD NM).PLN

2.17 Kb
FlightPlans/IR-194 (CARLSBAD NM).pln

1.11 Kb
FlightPlans/IR-195 (ALAMOGORDO NM).PLN

3.15 Kb
FlightPlans/IR-200 (DEATH VALLEY CA).PLN

979 bytes
FlightPlans/IR-203 (FRESNO CA).pln

1.66 Kb
FlightPlans/IR-207 (SANTA ROSA CA).PLN

971 bytes
FlightPlans/IR-211 (TEHACHAPI CA).PLN

933 bytes
FlightPlans/IR-212 (BARSTOW CA).pln

1.16 Kb

1.04 Kb
FlightPlans/IR-214 (LAKE HAVASU CITY CA).pln

804 bytes
FlightPlans/IR-216 (TWENTYNINE PALMS CA).pln

1.16 Kb
FlightPlans/IR-217 (NEEDLES CA).pln

931 bytes
FlightPlans/IR-218 (BLYTHE CA).pln

845 bytes
FlightPlans/IR-234 (ELY NV).pln

823 bytes
FlightPlans/IR-235 (ELY NV).pln

1.42 Kb
FlightPlans/IR-236 (EDWARDS AFB CA).PLN

794 bytes
FlightPlans/IR-237 (TONOPAH NV).pln

795 bytes
FlightPlans/IR-238 (TONOPAH NV).pln

1.03 Kb
FlightPlans/IR-250. (PRESCOTT AZ).pln

930 bytes
FlightPlans/IR-252 (NEEDLES CA).PLN

794 bytes
FlightPlans/IR-254 (WICKENBURG AZ).PLN

658 bytes
FlightPlans/IR-255 (BLYTHE).PLN

1.36 Kb
FlightPlans/IR-264 (FALLON NAS NV).pln

2.21 Kb
FlightPlans/IR-266 (GLEN CANYON UT).pln

1.67 Kb
FlightPlans/IR-275 (BATTLE MOUNTAIN NV).pln

1.06 Kb
FlightPlans/IR-279 (TONOAPH NV).PLN

1.24 Kb

1.00 Kb

909 bytes
FlightPlans/IR-282 (TONOAPH NV).PLN

1.18 Kb
FlightPlans/IR-286 (BEATTY NV).PLN

1.77 Kb
FlightPlans/IR-293 (MILFORD UT).PLN

1.93 Kb
FlightPlans/IR-300 (BOISE ID).pln

1.49 Kb
FlightPlans/IR-302 (TWIN FALLS ID).PLN

1.07 Kb

1.65 Kb
FlightPlans/IR-305 (BURLEY ID).pln

1.05 Kb
FlightPlans/IR-308 (TAOS NM).pln

1.88 Kb
FlightPlans/IR-313 (BOISE ID).pln

2.07 Kb
FlightPlans/IR-320 (HOLBROOK AZ).PLN

3.02 Kb
FlightPlans/IR-425 (DEATH VALLEY CA).pln

912 bytes
FlightPlans/IR206 (AREA 51 NV).pln

1004 bytes
FlightPlans/SR-200 (ALBUQUERQUE NM).pln

1.32 Kb
FlightPlans/SR-201 (ALBUQUERQUE NM).pln

1004 bytes
FlightPlans/SR-210 (ALBUQUERQUE NM).pln

1.05 Kb

1009 bytes
FlightPlans/SR-212 (ALBUQUERQUE NM).pln

1012 bytes

1.06 Kb
FlightPlans/SR-214 (ALBUQUERQUE NM).pln

1.82 Kb
FlightPlans/SR-300 (STOCKTON CA).pln

1.82 Kb
FlightPlans/SR-301 (MARYVILLE CA).pln

1.04 Kb
FlightPlans/SR-311 (SACRAMENTO CA).pln

1023 bytes
FlightPlans/SR-353 (MARYVILLE CA).pln

1.04 Kb
FlightPlans/SR-359 (SACRAMENTO CA).pln

1.04 Kb
FlightPlans/SR-381 (RENO NV).pln

852 bytes
FlightPlans/SR-390 (LANCASTER CA).pln

851 bytes
FlightPlans/SR-397 (BLYTHE CA).pln

741 bytes
FlightPlans/SR-398 (UKIAH CA).pln

1.41 Kb
FlightPlans/VR-100 (FORT SUMNER NM).PLN

1.34 Kb
FlightPlans/VR-108 (TUCUMCARI NM).PLN

870 bytes
FlightPlans/VR-1107 (ALBUQUERQUE NM).pln

848 bytes
FlightPlans/VR-114 (CLOVIS NM).PLN

1.04 Kb
FlightPlans/VR-1175 (TAOS NM).pln

1.04 Kb
FlightPlans/VR-1176 (TAOS NM).pln

869 bytes
FlightPlans/VR-1195 (ALBUQUERQUE NM).pln

982 bytes
FlightPlans/VR-1205 (MOUNT WHITNEY CA).pln

600 bytes
FlightPlans/VR-1206 (LANCASTER CA).PLN

850 bytes
FlightPlans/VR-1211 (IMPERIAL CA).pln

1.15 Kb
FlightPlans/VR-1214 (BARSTOW DAGGETT CA).pln

919 bytes
FlightPlans/VR-1215 (APPLE VALLEY CA).pln

854 bytes
FlightPlans/VR-1217 (BIG BEAR CA).pln

928 bytes
FlightPlans/VR-1218 (VICTORVILLE CA).pln

1.16 Kb
FlightPlans/VR-1233 (TUSON AZ).pln

1.40 Kb
FlightPlans/VR-125 (FORT SUMNER NM).PLN

1.41 Kb
FlightPlans/VR-1250 (MOUNT SHASTA CA).pln

1.47 Kb
FlightPlans/VR-1251 (MEDFORD OR).pln

981 bytes
FlightPlans/VR-1252 (COALDALE NV).pln

1.21 Kb
FlightPlans/VR-1253 (ELY NV).pln

1.03 Kb
FlightPlans/VR-1254 (PYRAMID LAKE NV).pln

1.10 Kb
FlightPlans/VR-1255 (HAWTHORNE NV).PLN

856 bytes
FlightPlans/VR-1256 (PASO ROBLES CA).pln

1.59 Kb
FlightPlans/VR-1257 (LOS ANGLES CA).pln

1.15 Kb
FlightPlans/VR-1259 (BATTLE MOUNTAIN NV).pln

1.08 Kb
FlightPlans/VR-1260 (TONOAPH NV).pln

1.22 Kb
FlightPlans/VR-1261 (REDDING CA).pln

1.34 Kb
FlightPlans/VR-1262 (BAKERSFIELD CA).pln

921 bytes
FlightPlans/VR-1264 (COALDALE NV).pln

1.35 Kb
FlightPlans/VR-1265 (SAN BERNADINO CA).pln

961 bytes
FlightPlans/VR-1266 (YUMA AZ).pln

1.00 Kb
FlightPlans/VR-1267 (YUMA AZ).pln

769 bytes
FlightPlans/VR-1267A (YUMA AZ).pln

1.32 Kb
FlightPlans/VR-1268 (BLYTHE CA).pln

596 bytes
FlightPlans/VR-1293 (TEHACHAPI CA).pln

1.32 Kb
FlightPlans/VR-1300 (BOISE ID).pln

1014 bytes
FlightPlans/VR-1301 (BURNS OR).pln

832 bytes
FlightPlans/VR-1302 (BOISE ID).pln

1.32 Kb
FlightPlans/VR-1303 (BOISE ID).pln

1.46 Kb
FlightPlans/VR-1304 (BOISE ID).pln

1.53 Kb
FlightPlans/VR-1305 (BOISE ID).pln

1.01 Kb
FlightPlans/VR-1422 (GREAT SALT LAKE UT).pln

1.23 Kb

1.03 Kb
FlightPlans/VR-201 (RENO NV).PLN

1.18 Kb
FlightPlans/VR-202 (CHICO CA).PLN

931 bytes
FlightPlans/VR-208 (TONAPAH NV).PLN

1.36 Kb
FlightPlans/VR-209 (CEDAR CITY UT).PLN

846 bytes
FlightPlans/VR-222 (LAS VEGAS NV).PLN

842 bytes
FlightPlans/VR-223 (PHOENIX AZ).PLN

725 bytes
FlightPlans/VR-231 (BUCKEYE AZ).PLN

1.06 Kb
FlightPlans/VR-239 (PHOENIX AZ).PLN

1.06 Kb
FlightPlans/VR-241 (PHOENIX AZ).PLN

902 bytes
FlightPlans/VR-242 (PHOENIX AZ).PLN

1.10 Kb
FlightPlans/VR-243 (KINGMAN AZ).pln

1.18 Kb
FlightPlans/VR-244 (CASA GRANDE AZ).PLN

845 bytes
FlightPlans/VR-245 (WICKENBURG AZ).PLN

867 bytes

1.21 Kb
FlightPlans/VR-259 (TUSON AZ).pln

1.27 Kb
FlightPlans/VR-260 (TUSON AZ).pln

1.76 Kb
FlightPlans/VR-263 (TUSON AZ).pln

988 bytes
FlightPlans/VR-267 (GILA BEND AZ).PLN

862 bytes
FlightPlans/VR-268 (GILA BEND AZ).PLN

924 bytes
FlightPlans/VR-269 (GILA BEND AZ).PLN

978 bytes
FlightPlans/VR-288 (SALTON SEA CA).PLN

1.08 Kb
FlightPlans/VR-289 (SALTON SEA CA).PLN

1.14 Kb
FlightPlans/VR-296 (BLYTHE CA).PLN

1.02 Kb
FlightPlans/VR-299 (YUMA AZ).pln



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