FS2002 - Douglas TBD -1 Devastator
This is the CFS2 AI aircraft, Douglas TBD-1
Devastator in blue Navy textures with "AIR" file
changes so that the aircraft will be flyable
in FS2002. Special FS2002 "FX" and Smoke
effects added Based on the work of Owen Hewitt
and Nibbio.. All aircraft textures have been updated
and are in WW II livery. This aircraft is from CFS2 and
modified for FS2002. Uses P-47d Panel. All flight surfaces
are moveable, transparent cockpit, detailed flight crew,
rear machine guns, retractable landing gear, enhanced
engine start smoke, exhaust smoke trail or white smoke trail,
rolling wheels, ground steerable. "Air" file by Adam Warren,
update by Bob Bongiovanni.


INSTALLATION: Unzip the file "tbd1navy.ZIP"into your
"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\FS2000\Aircraft"
Folder. Your should end up with a folder named "tbd1_devastator navy".
Under the folder "tbd1_devastator navy", you will have five folders:


You must copy the files "fx_engstrt.fx" and "fx_smoke_rx.fx" from the "SMOKE
EFFECTS" Folder to the "effects" folder under FS2002. You will see many
other "fx" files in that folder.

The black exhaust smoke system is already activated, as shown in
"smoketrail.jpg". You can change to the "white engine smoke"
by changing the [SMOKE SYSTEM]
entries in file "Aircraft.cfg" by using NOTEPAD.
The instructions are included at the bottom of "aircraft.cfg" file.
The black engine exhaust smoke is very thin and can only be
seen against the blue sky or other light background. You must copy
the smoke effects file as instructed above for the engine exhaust effect
to work. These files also give you additional smoke on engine startup.

Thanks to the following Flight Simmers for their "fx" files.
Owen Hewitt

See file "exhaustsmoke.jpg" and "whitesmoke.jpg" for smoke effects screen shot.

For other special FX effects, visit the sites below.
http://web.tiscali.it/jobim/cfs2/ (Nibbio's site)
http://web.tiscali.it/Nanni/CFS/ (Nanni's site)
http://theghostfiles.com/ (Ghotpony's site)

Thanks to Adam Warren for the excellent "air" file
e-mail him at acecfs2@yahoo.com or vist his website
at www.geocites.com/acecfs2

This Acft will use the default P47D Panel and the C182 Sound.
If you want to use the TBD-1 Devastator engine sounds, or TBD-1 panel,
you will have to search "SurClaro" for a suitable replacement
sound and/or panel and replace the "Sound" folder and/or panel
folder with the new folder containing the downloaded sounds and/or panel.

When selecting this aircraft in FS2002 it will be listed in the
"Select Aircraft" Dialog box as:

Aircraft manufacturer = Douglas
Aircraft model = TBD-1 Devastator
variation = Blue - Navy
Under ATC you will be known as "Navy 322". This can be changed.

If you have any problems
with this aircraft, e-mail me at the address below.

Bob Bongiovanni

If you have CFS or have downloaded anf CFS aircraft
and can not display any of your CFS aircraft in FS2002,
I have posted some modified "MDL" files for those aircraft on
WWW.SurClaro. The new generic files will allow you to
display the P47, Fw109 and BF190 and several other
aircraft in FS2002, as listed below. Use "Search Files"
function and search for "Bongiovanni" and look yhrough
the files for your particular aircraft.

Example of some of my CFS to FS2002 Download files:

file "190to2k2".zip" for the default CFS, FW190 aircraft.
file "p47d2k2.zip" for the default CFS, P47D aircraft.
file "bf1092k2.zip" for the default CFS, BF109 aircraft.
file "hurto2k2.zip" for the default CFS, Hawker Hurricane aircraft.
file "p51to2k2.zip" for the default CFS, P51d Mustang aircraft.
file "mk1to2k2,zip" for the default CFS, Spitfire MK I aircraft/
file "mk9to2k2.zip" for the default CFS, Spitfire MK IX aircraft

Enhanced engine startup smoke, white smoke or black exhaust smoke.

For the CFS Fw190 modified for FS2002, file "190smoke.zip".
All of my C182RG, T-41, Extra 300S and Learjet 45 aircraft
can be flown in CFS2 by downloading the CFS2 DP files
created by JEAN-JACQUES PAREL. Several of my aircraft
are in military colors and suitable for CFS2. You can search
for his files by using the file search function. Search for "Parel"
or use the specific file names listed below. You can also search
for all of my aircraft under "Bongiovanni" to determine if you want
to use any of my Military version aircraft in CFS2

For the C182RG and T-41, download file - JP_DPRG.ZIP
For the Extra 300S, download file - JP_DPEX.ZIP
For the Learjet 45, Download file - JP_DPL45.ZIP

NOTES: If you like to fly out of Meigs Airport, you should download the file
"Meigs1.zip from SurClaro. You will love how he improved the
scenery for FS2000. Look for quality scenery and tutorials by Andreas Klisch.

If you are looking for excellent quality aircraft, go to "file search"
on SurClaro and look for aircraft by "Mike Field" and
"Jean-Jacques Parel". Panels and aircraft by "Chuck Dome
You won't be dissapointed. You can
search by their name in the file search area. To view all of
my previous aircraft, search under "Bongiovanni" in the
file search area on WWW.SurClaro.