This is to certify that this model software is a genuine item
originally created by the author. (C) 2002 Shigeru Tanaka


A Shigeru Tanaka Production
FS2002 ATF Alcione

<<<<< Introduction >>>>>

Advanced Tactical Fighter "Alcione". An innovative next generation
fighter model with its name Alcione - Kingfisher in Italian.
A state-of-the-art stealth ATF configuration originally designed after
study on the near future ATF conceptual designs by Lockheed, Boeing,
and General Dynamics during USAF ATF project in the 80's-90's, which led
to Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor and Northrop Grumman YF-23 Gray Ghost.
This FS2002 model renders a leading-edge style for innovational
stealth performance, featuring moving ailerons, flaps, rudders,
elevators, landing gears, landing light and landing gear covers,
air brake and its actuator cylinder in smooth animation. Pilot head
turns left/right in sync and proportion with control stick movement.
Highly detailed model depicted as one in virtual operation camouflage
scheme of USAF in air superiority gray colors, FS36118, FS36270 and
FS36375 in the most precise hues attainable, with realistic weathering
and service stains for better realism.

<<<<< Copyright Notice >>>>>

The present archive [ST-ATF01.ZIP] is duly copyrighted the author
under the international copyright law, and is uploaded solely to
SurClaro and the author's website Shigeru's Aircraft Models.
- Modification or repainting of this model shall not be allowed.
- The inclusion of any individual file from this archive in another
archive shall not be allowed.
- Commercial use of this archive or part thereof into magazine,
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- This archive shall not be re-distributed or re-uploaded to other
websites or homepages without author's prior written consent.
- The author's rights and wishes concerning this archive shall be
respected in the good realm of FS society.

<<<<< Installation >>>>>

Simply unzip all the files right into FS2002 pro Aircraft folder.
This model shows up as "A-ST ATF Alcione" at the top column of
select aircraft menu. A-ST for A Shigeru Tanaka production.

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Please check the "Visit our Web" htm file contained in this zip file
and to be found in the document folder of the present aircraft folder
after installation, to visit our website Shigeru's Aircraft Models at:
While, when you are on www.SurClaro, go to File Search and
type my first name "Shigeru" as a search keyword, and you will
see all my models so far uploaded there too. Friendly feedbacks,
constructive suggestions and opinions shall be appreciated and
always answered.

May 23, 2002

Shigeru Tanaka
[email protected]

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ST-ATF01.ZIP FS2002 ATF Alcione
STTREES4.ZIP FS2002 Scenery Texture Artists' Spring Trees
STBASET3.ZIP FS2002 Beagle B.206 Basset Gold
STFALCN4.ZIP FS2002 F-16 Fighting Falcon Netherlands
STFALCN2.ZIP FS2002 F-16C Fighting Falcon USAF
STFALCN3.ZIP FS2002 General Dynamics F-16XL Super Falcon
STTREES3.ZIP FS2002 Scenery Upgrade Texture Summer Trees
STSST10X.ZIP FS2002 SST2007 Swissair II
STSST9EX.ZIP FS2002 SST2007 Continental Micronesia II
STSST8EX.ZIP FS2002 SST2007 Alitalia II
STSST7X2.ZIP FS2002 SST2007 British Airways II
STSST5EX.ZIP FS2002 SST2007 Lufthansa II
STSST4EX.ZIP FS2002 SST2007 Air France II
STSST3EP.ZIP FS2002 SST2007 Jodok Air II
STSST3EX.ZIP FS2002 SST2007 Austrian Airlines II
STP51D03.ZIP FS2002 P-51D Mustang "Glamorous Glen III"
STTREES2.ZIP FS2002 Scenery Upgrade Texture Spring Trees
STTREES1.ZIP FS2002 Scenery Upgrade Texture Autumn Trees
STBASET4.ZIP FS2002 Beagle B.206 Basset The Tanakas
ST2001OD.ZIP FS2002 2001: Orion
STP51D02.ZIP FS2002 P-51D Mustang "Detroit Miss"
STBASET2.ZIP FS2000 Beagle B.206 Basset The Tanakas
STFALCN1.ZIP FS2000 F-16C Fighting Falcon Netherlands
STBASSET.ZIP FS2000 Beagle B.206 Basset
STPHANT1.ZIP FS2000 McDonnell Douglas F-4N Phantom II
STSTEALTH.ZIP FS2000 Lockheed F-117 Stealth Fighter
STSALAM2.ZIP FS98 Heinkel He162 Salamander
STBLITZ1.ZIP FS98 Arado Ar234 Blitz
STME262X.ZIP FS98 Messerschmitt Me262A-1a/U4 Geschutzjager
STME262W.ZIP FS98 Messerschmitt Me262A-1a/U1 Nachtjager
STME262V.ZIP FS98 Messerschmitt Me262A-1a Schwalbe
STKOMET2.ZIP FS98 Messerschmitt Me163 Komet
STPOU9.ZIP FS98 Pou de Ciel "Mandelbrot Set"
STPOU7.ZIP FS98 Pou de Ciel "Claude Monet"
STPOU5.ZIP FS98 Pou de Ciel "Vincent van Gogh"
STPOU4.ZIP FS98 Pou de Ciel "Paul Klee"
STLJ60-3.ZIP FS98 Learjet 60 Rainbow Stream
STBUGAT5.ZIP FS98 Bugatti Racer Type 100 "Red Arrow"
STBUGAT4.ZIP FS98 Bugatti Racer Type 100 "Yellow Arrow"
STBUGAT3.ZIP FS98 Bugatti Racer Type 100 "Sky Blazer"
STPNTH3C.ZIP FS98/CFS Grumman F9F-2 Panther "Tokori"
STPNTH2C.ZIP FS98/CFS Grumman F9F-2 Panther
STSABR4C.ZIP FS98/CFS F-86F Sabre "John Glenn"
STSABR2C.ZIP FS98/CFS F-86F Sabre "Ralph S. Parr Jr"
STSABR1C.ZIP FS98/CFS F-86A Sabre "Glenn T. Eaglestone"
STSABE13.ZIP FS98 F-86F Sabre "Skyblazers"
STSABE12.ZIP FS98 F-86E Sabre "Frecce Tricolori"
STSABE11.ZIP FS98 F-86F Sabre "Golden Hawks"
STSABER9.ZIP FS98 F-86F Sabre "Ala de Caza"
STSABER8.ZIP FS98 F-86F Sabre "Forca Aerea Portuguesa"
STSABER5.ZIP FS98 F-86F Sabre "German Black Tulip"
STSABER3.ZIP FS98 F-86E Sabre "Heller Bust X"
STHIEN5.ZIP FS98 Kawasaki Ki-61 Hien bubble canopy
ST-HIEN4.ZIP FS98 Kawasaki Ki-61 Hien "Tony" 4
ST-HIEN3.ZIP FS98 Kawasaki Ki-61 Hien "Tony" 3
STHIEN01.ZIP FS98 Kawasaki Ki-61 Hien "Tony" 1
STKIKKA6.ZIP FS98 Nakajima Attacker Kikka "Chushingura"
STDINAH1.ZIP FS98 Mitsubishi Ki-46 Dinah
STLJ60-3.ZIP FS98 Learjet 60 Amerigo
STLJ60-2.ZIP FS98 Learjet 60 Playboy
STSPIT7.ZIP FS98 Supermarine Spitfire Mk.II YT-F
STSPIT4.ZIP FS98 Supermarine Spitfire Mk.I S-T
STSPIT2.ZIP FS98 Supermarine Spitfire Mk.I D-B
STPOU8.ZIP FS98 Pou de Ciel "Mona Lisa"
STGEBEZ1.ZIP FS98 Gee Bee Racer Z "City of Springfield"
STGEBER1.ZIP FS98 Gee Bee Racer R-1
STGEBER2.ZIP FS98 Gee Bee Racer R-2
STSUBARU.ZIP FS98 Fuji FA-200 Aero Subaru
STAVANTI.ZIP FS98 Piaggio P.180 Avanti
STP51M32.ZIP FS98 P-51D Mustang "Big Beautiful Doll"
STP51M31.ZIP FS98 P-51D Mustang "Medium Blue"
STP51M30.ZIP FS98 P-51D Mustang "Miss Marilyn"
STP51M29.ZIP FS98 P-51D Mustang "Nowhere Man"
STP51M28.ZIP FS98 P-51D Mustang "Jaws"
STP51M27.ZIP FS98 P-51D Mustang "LOU IV"
STP51M26.ZIP FS98 P-51D Mustang "Captain Brown"
STP51M25.ZIP FS98 P-51D Mustang "Stockholm"
STP51M24.ZIP FS98 P-51D Mustang "Maple Leaf"
STP51M23.ZIP FS98 P-51D Mustang "Mantovani"
STP51M21.ZIP FS98 P-51D Mustang "Boomerang Jr."
STP51M20.ZIP FS98 P-51D Mustang "Donald Duck"
STP51M19.ZIP FS98 P-51D Mustang "Checkers"
STP51M18.ZIP FS98 P-51D Mustang "Miss Miami"
STP51M17.ZIP FS98 F-51D Mustang "USAF"
STP51M16.ZIP FS98 P-51D Mustang "The Playboy"
STP51M14.ZIP FS98 P-51D Mustang "The Millie G"
STP51M13.ZIP FS98 P-51D Mustang "Detroit Miss"
STP51M12.ZIP FS98 P-51D Mustang "Nancy Lee"
STP51M22.ZIP FS98 P-51D Mustang 007 James Bond
STP51M08.ZIP FS98 P-51D Mustang Happy IV
STP51M09.ZIP FS98 P-51D Mustang Sad Sack
STP51M10.ZIP FS98 P-51D Mustang Estrellita III
ST2001.ZIP FS2000 2001:Orion
STXBUS99.ZIP FS2000 AirBus Christmas 99
STTARO4.ZIP FS2000 "Taro" The Flying Dog II
STLJ60-1.ZIP Learjet 60 "Factory Debut"
STSST2EX.ZIP Next-generation SST2007 Yuka II
STPOU10.ZIP Pou de Ciel "Japanese Ninja"
STSST1EX.ZIP Next-generation SST2007 Hajime II
STPOUJOD.ZIP Pou de Ciel "Jodok"
STPOU6.ZIP Pou de Ciel "Japanese Sushi"
STSPIT1C.ZIP Supermarine Spitfire Mk.I QV-K for cfs
STSST7EX.ZIP Next-generation SST2007 British Airways II
STSPIT1.ZIP Supermarine Spitfire Mk.I QV-K
STRAIDEN.ZIP Mitsubishi J2M3 Raiden "Jack"
STTARO3.ZIP "Taro" the Jet Dog
STZERO63.ZIP Mitsubishi A6M7 Zero Type 63
STSTARW1.ZIP Star Wars Tri-wing Daedalian
STSPIT11.ZIP Supermarine Spitfire Prototype
STXFILES.ZIP AirBus Christmas 98
STSABER7.ZIP F-86 Sabre Blue Impulse
STPOU3.ZIP Pou de Ciel "Japonaiserie 3"
STMUS37.ZIP P-51D Mustang Ridge Runner
STPOU2.ZIP Pou de Ciel "Japonaiserie 2"
STSABER4.ZIP F-86 Sabre "John Glenn"
STMUS36.ZIP P-51D Mustang "Half & Half"
STMOS13.ZIP D.H. Mosquito B.IV "A-Able-GB"
STSABE10.ZIP F-86 Sabre "McGwire's 70 Homers"
STSST6F7.ZIP Next-generation SST2007 "KLM"
STMUS33.ZIP P-51D Mustang "Dutch Flag"
STTARO2.ZIP "Taro" the High-Tech Dog
STPOU1.ZIP Pou de Ciel "Japonaiserie 1"
STSHOKI4.ZIP Nakajima Ki-44 Shoki 4
STMOS11.ZIP D.H. Mosquito F.B.VI "Black Rufe"
STBUGAT2.ZIP Bugatti Racer Type 100 "Tricolore"
STSST5F7.ZIP Next-generation SST2007 "Lufthansa"
STPOU12.ZIP Pou de Ciel "Beethoven"
STMUS7F7.ZIP P-51D Mustang "Sunny VIII"
STLJ60-0.ZIP Learjet 60 "Half & Half"
STTARO1.ZIP "Taro" the Flying Dog
STBUGATI.ZIP Bugatti Racer Type 100
STSST4F7.ZIP Next-generation SST2007 "Air France"
STMUS11.ZIP P-51D Mustang "Shark Mouth"
STPOU0.ZIP Pou de Ciel
STGEBEZ2.ZIP Gee Bee Racer Z "City of Akashi"
STORION7.ZIP SF 2001:A Space Odyssey "Orion"
STMUS35.ZIP P-51D Mustang "Austrian Jodok"
STSST3F7.ZIP Next-generation SST2007 "Austrian Airlines"
ST-HIEN2.ZIP Kawasaki Ki-61 Hien "Tony" 2
STSSTJF7.ZIP Next-generation SST2007 "Yuka"
STMUS6F7.ZIP P-51D Mustang "Jumpin' Jacques"
STSSTHF7.ZIP Next-generation SST2007 "Hajime"
STDC8SF7.ZIP Douglas DC-8 Super 61 STAir
STMUS5F7.ZIP P-51D Mustang "PETIE 2nD"
STDC8JF7.ZIP Douglas DC-8 Super 61 JAL
STMUS4F7.ZIP P-51D Mustang "Mick #5"
STMUS3F7.ZIP P-51D Mustang "Cute Nude"
STMUS2F7.ZIP P-51D Mustang "Whitehead Eagle"
STJ7W1F7.ZIP Kyushu J7W1 Shinden for FS98
STJ7WFF7.ZIP J7W1 Fighting Shinden for FS98
STMUS1F7.ZIP P-51D Mustang "Silver Bullet"
STMOS3F5.ZIP D.H. Mosquito B.IV
STMOS2F5.ZIP 633 Squadron Mosquito
STMOS2FW.ZIP 633 Squadron Mosquito
STMOS1F5.ZIP D.H. Mosquito F.B.VI
STMOS1FW.ZIP D.H. Mosquito F.B. VI
STXBUSF5.ZIP Airbus Christmas
STXBUSF6.ZIP Airbus Christmas
STACE0F5.ZIP A6M2 Ace's Zero Fighter
STACE0F6.ZIP A6M2 Ace's Zero Fighter
STORION5.ZIP SF 2001: Orion
STORION6.ZIP SF 2001: Orion
STA6M7F5.ZIP A6M7 Zero Fighter Type 63
STA6M7FW.ZIP A6M7 Zero Fighter Type 63
STA6M3F5.ZIP A6M3 Zero Fighter Type 32
STA6M3FW.ZIP A6M3 Zero Fighter Type 32
STA6M5F5.ZIP A6M5 Zero Fighter Type 52
STA6M5FW.ZIP A6M5 Zero Fighter Type 52
STA6M2F5.ZIP A6M2 Zero Fighter Type 21
STA6M2FW.ZIP A6M2 Zero Fighter Type 21
STPOUFS5.ZIP Pou de Ciel
STKAMFS5.ZIP Kamikaze (Mitsubishi Ki-15)
STBUSFS5.ZIP AirBus London
STFR2FS5.ZIP Nakajima Ki-84 Hayate (No.11-2 SQD)
STFR1FS5.ZIP Nakajima Ki-84 Hayate (No.520 SQD)
ST25YFS5.ZIP Next-generation SST2005 JAL
ST25HFS5.ZIP Next-generation SST2005 STAir
STKIKKA2.ZIP Nakajima Fighting Kikka
STKIKKA1.ZIP Nakajima Special Attacker Kikka
STKAMIKA.ZIP Kamikaze (Mitsubishi Ki-15)
STPAF6-1.ZIP Piaggio P.180 Avanti 1 for FS6
STPAF6-2.ZIP Piaggio P.180 Avanti 2 for FS6
STPOU.ZIP Pou de Ciel
STFRANK2.ZIP Nakajima Ki-84 Hayate (No.11-2 SQD)
STFRANK1.ZIP Nakajima Ki-84 Hayate (No.520 SQD)
STSPCDF6.ZIP Gyroflug Speed Canard for FS6
STSPSTF6.ZIP Gyroflug Speed Canard STAir for FS6
ST60LJF6.ZIP Learjet 60 for FS6
SST2005J.ZIP Next-generation SST2005 JAL
SST2005.ZIP Next-generation SST2005 STAir
STSHOKI1.ZIP Nakajima Ki44-II Shoki (No.85 SQD)
STSHOKI2.ZIP Nakajima Ki44-II Shoki (No.47 SQD)
STDC8STA.ZIP Douglas DC-8-61 STAir
STDC8JAL.ZIP Douglas DC-8-61 JAL
ST-PC12.ZIP Pilatus PC12
ST-PC12X.ZIP Pilatus PC12 STAir Christmas Version
ST45LJS.ZIP Learjet 45 STAir Version
ST-A6M5.ZIP A6M5 Zero Fighter Type 52
ST-SPCD.ZIP Gyroflug Speed Canard
ST-SCSTA.ZIP Gyroflug Speed Canard STAir
STJ7W1F.ZIP J7W1 Fighting Shinden
ST-J7W1.ZIP Kyushu J7W1 Shinden
BUGATTI.ZIP Bugatti Type 100 Racer
J2M3JACK.ZIP Mitsubishi J2M3 Raiden (JACK)
ST60LJ.ZIP Learjet 60
ST60LJS.ZIP Learjet 60 STAir Version
ST45LJ.ZIP Learjet 45
ST45LJB.ZIP Learjet 45 Bananafish Air Lines
SST-CON.ZIP BAe/Aerospatiale Concorde
STSHIP.ZIP Raytheon Beech 2000A Starship
STSHIP-B.ZIP Starship Bananafish Air Lines
A6M3ZERO.ZIP Mitsubishi Zero Fighter (HAMP)
AVANTI-1.ZIP Piaggio P.180 Avanti
AVANTI-2.ZIP Avanti Bananafish Air Lines
MOSQPR.ZIP D.H. Mosquito PR.16
GEEBEER2.ZIP Gee Bee Racer R-2
DINAH3.ZIP Mitsubishi KI-46-3 Dinah
MOSQFB.ZIP D.H. Mosquito Mk.VI Fighter

All the above aircraft data are copyrighted Shigeru Tanaka under
the international copyright law. You may not re-distribute or
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