June 11 2009

FS 2004
Fairchaild Boxcar C119 -- "Royal Mail Yellow"

Textures by Francis F. Silva of SAS (SILVA ART STUDIOS) - airsilvair@yahoo.co.uk

Model by Daisuke Yamamoto - Please see "Original text file" for full credits

I enjoyed doing this repaint very much.
Royal Air Mail is the Post service in the United Kingdom (UK)

The engines have been replaced, now with two powerful turbo prop engines.
Engine compression ratio increased to 14:1 for fuel efficiency.
Engine capacity doubled.
So... enjoy...... Be careful how you handle it !

Aircraft by Daisuke Yamamoto of Tokyo Japan
I hope my repaint and engine improvements add to your enjoyment of FS2004
Thank you Daisuke for you excellent Boxcar C119
Francis F Silva in London England - of SAS (SILVA ART STUDIOS)