Private Beech Starship(copper/red metallic with chrome trim) G-CVCM

Repaint by Gerry McLaughlin ( November 2003

This is a repaint of Mike Stone's superb Beech Starship ( I've chosen a deep copper red with chrome stripes and lettering for my colour scheme. The textures have a strong alpha channel, and the final result is, I think, quite pleasing. There are a few imperfections, but they are very minor(ie white aerials).
The real Starship has black spinners (probably carbon fibre or something like that), but this one has shiny chrome spinners specially purchased from the local branch of Spinners-R-Us!
If you dont like something as incorrect as this, just preserve the spinner_t texture that comes with Mike Stone's file, and use it to over-write the one packaged with my repaint.

I dont think anyone will feel the need to have two Starships on their system, so I suggest that you just unzip my package to a temporary folder, then slide the enclosed 'texture ' folder into the main Starship file where it will over-write the existing. If you decide you dont like it, just unzip Mike's original Starship again, and use HIS texture file to over-write mine again!
If you want one of the alternative registrations, just open the relevant folder and put the cowl_t texture into the main texture folder where it will, you've guessed it, overwrite the UK registration.If you like, you can change the registration in the aircraft CFG file so that the radio call sign is correct.(change the line: atc_id)

Thats all!

Websites to visit

Mike Stone's site, with all those great planes.

This is Robert Scherer's interesting site on the Starship - lots of pictures and other information.