Readme file for SEABIRD SB7L SEEKER
Thank you for downloading this plane!
This 2 seat light observation aircraft, made by Seabird in Australia, combines fixed wing economy and ease of use, with the
superior visibility of a helicopter.This aircraft comes with full FS moving parts, and is in US registration,
serving the North Star Survey company.

Make new Folder in your FS2002PRO\Aircraft folder, label it SB7L_SEEKER
After downloading the zip, locate it, using your Computer Explorer, Winfile, etc. Double-click on it and extract the file to your SB7L_SEEKER folder.Everything should end up in the right place/folder.
If you want, you can copy the textures into the Sim's Texture folder. They will still work even if you leave them in the plane's Texture Folder.
This plane should also work in FS2002 Standard Version, but some gauges may be missing.
No need to worry, this plane uses only default FS2002 Pro gauges.

These files shouldn't harm your computer, but I accept no responsability for their use and effect.
Play with it , hack it, do repaints, give to friends or enemies, but do not make money off of it without my express approval.

P.S. North Star Survey is just something I made up:)

Tim Piglet Conrad
Piglet's Peculiar Planes