Hello. This is the Mig-21 by Alphasim in North Vietnam colors.

Unzip to a folder of your choice. Place the aircraft into your fs2002 aircraft folder.

Warning: This aircraft doesn't show half of the tail-pipe in fs2004. The part that does't show depends on your angle of view. I don't know if that is diliberate on the part of Alphasim or not. They did have a scrape point 5 to 10 feet behind the aircraft that sparked every time you rotated for take off. I am sure it wasn't in the payware model.

I am not putting in the gauges or effects with this model. For the afterburner or smoke to show you must have installed them from one of the other upgrades I did, like the F-8 Crusader.

My hope is that someone who knows how, will correct the problem with the tail-pipe; and possibly remove the virtual cockpit from the model file. It really doesn't belong there. I am sure that the forward view of the virtual cockpit was another place that Alphasim deliberately messed up the aircraft before, oh so generously, putting it on their freeware page.

Bob Chicilo.

[email protected]