FS2002 Patch For the Talulqan Terrain (OATQ), Afghanistan

This is a patch to the FS2002 error which places the Talulqan terrain (OATQ), Afghanistan, at a towering altitude of 8,500 ft. We brought that back to the surrounding terrain, or about 3000 ft. We also corrected that in the airports list of data, with the altitude now 3,009ft

Part of correction used Airport for Windows

Instructions of Use

To have that patch work in FS2002, you have just to use the Scenery Library panel in FS. That assumes that you master how to access the directory on your operating system where your version of FS2002 is located. That access depends upon what OS is running on your computer. The typical location of FS2002 in a Windows XP-powered system is like main hard drive/Program Files/Microsoft Games/FS2002. CAUTION! Any access there, or the way to get there may encounter some files and directories which are of importance to the functionment of your computer or your FS2002. Take care not to move or change, or delete any!

Once into the FS2002 directory, just put the 'talulqan' directory included in our archive into the 'ADDON SCENERY' directory of FS2002. Thence fire FS2002 on and go to the Environment menu, Scenery Library panel. Click Add an Area. That brings you into the main FS2002 directory. Click-open the 'ADDON SCENERY' directory. Spot the 'talulqan' directory you just added and click-open and no any move beyond, as the name 'talulqan' appears to the bottom like the title of the scenery area . Now click OK, which brings you back to the Scenery Library panel. Leave by clicking OK, which brings FS to reset the sceneries repertory and such, to take the new files in account. You're done! Note that due to some instability in Airport For Windows, the scenery maker we used to build these sceneries, it might that such a reset of the Scenery Library should modify the autogen density. To be back with the usual display, you will have then to close FS and fire it again

To have the changes work in FS2002, on the other hand, we have been obliged to replace the default runway by one at the corrected altitude. That implied the used of AFCAD, a useful freeware for tweaking with airports and terrains data. Also, that means that to have the patch work, you will have to use the enclosed 'asiacafd.bgl' file. CAUTION! THAT USE BRINGS TO MANIPULATE SOME SENSITIVE FILES in FS2002, ANY WRONG HANDLING MAY CAUSE TROUBLES WITH YOUR FS2002! To use the 'asiacafd.bgl', first read again the warning which come by the beginning of our Instructions of Use above as about how to reach the FS2002 folder on your hard drive. Once the FS2002 folder found, open the 'SCENEDB' folder, then the 'AFDILES' and 'SCENERY' ones, that latter containing among others the data pertaining to the FS2002 terrains. Spot the original 'asiacafd.bgl' AND rename it something like 'asiacafd.bgl ORIGINAL' That will prevent FS2002 to use it and allows to your original configuration. Now move our 'asiacafd.bgl' into, which is enough to have the corrected data for Talulqan work in FS! IMPORTANT NOTE! Some of our other add-ons, or other add-ons by other authors, ALSO MAY MAKE USE of such a swap technique in the AFDFILES/SCENERY folder. Just take that in account when using our own patch, like should another 'asiacafd.bgl' file be used, you would have to rename it also and use only our!

That archive is provided like a freeware, which means that no fee is applied as the author is keeping the copyright. No modification, re-use, etc. may be performed without the author's authorization as you may freely upload the archive back unto a free download server related to flight simulation. That archive is provide as if, with no liability available in case of misuse of the file and any damage thereof resulting to a PC computer. We assume no responsability concerning the access to, and editing of, the files concerned like described in the Instructions of Use. Any complications due to that the author is working from France and that some commands, texts, etc. may be in French language, or the French version of FS2002 is of no liability either nor the fact that the author is using the FS2002 Professional Edition

copyrighted GĂ©rard Guichard (France), guichardg2@gmail.com

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