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This video picks up from where "iss_sync" ended. In this clip (iss_docking), "Endeavour"
performs a rendezvous and docks with the International Space Station...I added a "running text line" to the video describing the steps I used during the intercept, approach and docking phases.

It may be necessary to "pause" these videos in some instances to catch up with the text.
I tried to "cram" content in an attempt to minimize the file size. Please forgive any
typing errors...Again, apologies for the large file sizes.

Shuttle_v3 = launch to orbit
iss_sync = orbit synchronization
iss_docking = rendezvous and docking


To Dr. Martin Schweiger for the absolutely brilliant " Orbiter "
simulation...Also to jlfdiaz@ono.com for the "Endeavour textures" download.

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Matt Fuller
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