Scenery of the Macapa Intl. – SBMQ – Macapá - Amapá – Brazil for FS2004



1. Copy the “SBMQ - Macapa 2005” folder into the “ADDON SCENERY” folder of your simulator, then go to “settings” ... “library” ... “add”... and activate the scenery. It will be necessary to restart the simulator. This installation procedure makes it easy to remove it later, so it can be done by simply deleting the file.
2. Copy *.fx files to EFFECTS folder ((ex: Flight simulator 9\effects) and file SBRF_patioLuz.bmp to TEXTURE folder inside effects folder ((ex: Flight Simulator 9\Effects\texture).


A special thank (in memory) you goes to Amaro Cavalcanti Luna (my father)

Important Reminders:

This scenery’s installation does NOT affect in any way the performance of your simulator, of your computer or programs installed in it. Even so, the installation should only be done at your own risk.

This is a Freeware scenery and, as such, can be freely distributed as long as it’s kept in its original and integral form.

Made by Gustavo Luna
E-mail : doubtinfor@bol.com.br