FS2004 Incom Engineering T-47 "Snowspeeder"
Lightweight Attack Airspeeder. Adapted from a common cargo towing airspeeder by the Rebel Alliance, who added cannons, armor, sensors, and power generators. Those based on Hoth had to be specially modified to operate in Hoth's cold climate.

1)After downloading the zip, locate it, and extract the file to a temp folder.

2)Copy the folder T-47 over to your FS aircraft folder

3) Open the gauges folder, and copy the
t47.cab and hunterfx.cab gauges into your FS Gauges Folder.

4)Copy the 3 effects files from the effects folder over to you FS effects folder.

5) During this installation, you may be asked to overwrite some files. This may be due to you already having some of the files installed. Overwrite or not, choice is yours.

6) Double check everything before e-mailing me! 99% of problems can be solved this way:-) Since you are reading this, you are way ahead of the dimwits who don't read readme files!:-p

See steps 1 to 6 above:)

These Star Wars ships were built for pure fun seat-of-the-pants flying. So they may not be the fastest, or have the most complex panels,etc, but I hope you will enjoy them anyway:)

The Engines are equipped with thrust reversers, and since the Rebel Alliance is always on a shoestring budget, their ships don't always get the best maintenence, hence the smoky engines, and spotty paintwork!:-)

Gauge Listing...

Ion Press. = Oil Press.
Ion Temp. = Oil Temp.
Repulser Lift Angle = Flaps
Sensor Heat = Pitot Heat
Power Cells = Master Battery
Star Nav Lights = Nav Lights
The other gauges and switches are pretty much self explanatory.

Airfile made with the Flight Dynamics Workbook v2005-12, and Air Wrench,by Jerry Beckwith.
The effects and their gauges are used with permission from Rick Piper, with help from Dave Garwood. I think there may bits of other gauges in there, but I'm not sure who made what when how where...

To all who download and enjoy my planes:-)
And to all of the makers of all the tutorials, utilities, tips, etc. Couldn't do it without you!!

This aircraft was tested in FS2004
Flight Model set to HARD
Plane Textures set to MASSIVE(or is it HIGH?)
Screen res set to 1280x1024
Reflections set to ON
P4 2.8 GHZ
1024 MB RAM
19" NEC 1970GX LCD Flat Monitor
EVGA NVIDIA GeForce 6200 256MB Vidcard
with 81.94 drivers
TM Cougar HOTAS/CH Pro Pedals
Results with your Computer and Sim Settings may vary.

This model was built to the best of my skills, knowledge, and simply to my own tastes and standards.
If something is "missing", or "wrong", oh well, you got it for a good price:-) For a one-man shop, I think I do pretty well:-p

As for repaints, new versions, etc. I have no idea if, when, or what. So please, no "placing orders".
These files shouldn't harm your computer, but I accept no responsability for their use and effect.
Play with it,do repaints, give to friends or enemies(SEE BELOW), but do not make money off of it without my express approval. This also goes for any other peoples' files in this release.

Also,if you want to re-post the plane, or its repaints, on your site, or another site, please ask me first:) I usually say yes, unless my plane been too corrupted or hacked by you or others.

I only upload to SurClaro, and Sim-Outhouse.com. If you find one of my planes anywhere else, I cannot guarantee its integrity. Whoever re-posted the plane might be better able to help you if you have any trouble, if he did any mods and left an e-mail addy
I have nothing against other sites, I just want to keep things simple, and easy to track.
Good Luck, and may the Force be with You!

Tim Piglet Conrad
Piglet's Peculiar Planes