By John B. Loney, Jr.
December 8, 2005

The Des Moines International Airport is owned and operated by the City of Des Moines . The Airport (IATA: DSM, ICAO: KDSM) is a commercial airport located in the southern part of the city of Des Moines, Iowa USA. The airport serves residents of the Des Moines metropolitan area and is the closest airport with connections to major airline hubs for people who live throughout much of east-central, north-central, and southern Iowa. The 132d Fighter Wing is located at the Des Moines International Airport.

Airport Operational Statistics:

Aircraft based on the field: 117
Single engine airplanes: 52
Multi engine airplanes: 25
Jet airplanes: 22
Helicopters: 1
Military aircraft: 17

Aircraft operations: avg 251/day
Commercial 48%
Transient general aviation 41%
Local general aviation 6%
Military 6%

Another state done where I have at least one design. With this design, I wanted to see what could be done with just Rwy12 alone, but I ran into some issues with the utility. (No fault of the Rwy12 team). I am beginning to have computer issues. So I had to incorporate Lago's FSE to complete the scenery. I wanted to see how long it would take me to design and release an airport totally working within FS9. With FSDS2 you must use coordinates to position the objects and if these are off, you have to go back and forth with corrections until you get it right. This took me the same amount of time, but I think it was because I developed some computer issues. Otherwise, it would seem to be faster to design an airport working from within FS9 where you can see exactly where you are placing the objects. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this facility. I modified the AFCAD2 file so you have all runways active. There are none of my usual signs in this design (Can't make them from FSDS2 to use in Rwy12 and I have little or no experience with gmax). So, the areas are correct, but there are no signs to tell you where you are. However, if you go by the following chart, it will tell you where you are parked.
One other thing about this scenery; all of the default buildings are intact. I built the scenery around them (They are relatively accurate in placement.) So, I just filled in with Rwy12. The dynamic scenery (Moving trucks and cars and some humans also) was created with Lago's FSE, so if you don't have FSE, you won't see this part of the scenery.

Locations: Upon landing and requesting parking from ground, ask for the following:

The gates for the main terminal
North Parking for the scenery representing Elliott Aviation
Northeast Parking for general aviation (be careful here. There are only two spots and they could be occupied)
East Parking for general aviation
Southeast Parking is for air cargo (1 DHL and 1 Airborne)
South Parking for air cargo (3 Fedex and 3 UPS)
West Parking represents the aircraft testing hangar of the Iowa Air National Guard
Northwest Parking take you to the F-16 apron (8) and a C-130 cargo ramp.

There is one animated hangar in the scenery. To open the doors tune NAV2 to 112.00


The aircraft used for the scenery startup is the Raytheon Beechjet 400.***** bj400a.exe

The aircraft used in the flight plans are listed below:

AC# Type/Livery Zip File
1 Beechcraft Baron 58 default
2 Beechcraft King Air 350 default
22,23 Cessna Skyhawk 172SP default
25,26 Cessna Skylane 182S default
44 Learjet 45 default
51,52 Piper Cherokee 180 default
62 Boeing 757-200/UPS
65 Boeing 757-200/United
68 Boeing 757-200/Continental
74 Boeing 777-200/Fedex
116 Boeing 737-300/United Search SurClaro
118 Bombardier CRJ200/United
120 Douglas DC-9-10/Midwest Search SurClaro
121 Piper Arrow III
122 Douglas DC-9-30/Northwest
126 Airbus A319/Northwest
123 Embraer ERJ-145/American Eagle and
128 Cessna Citation X
129 Cessna Skylane 182R RG
131 Airbus A320/America West and
134 Bombardier CRJ200/Delta Connection Comair
154 Boeing 757-200/DHL Search SurClaro (Prosky)
160 Boeing 757-200/Airborne Express Search SurClaro
174 Beechcraft King Air B200
175 Beechcraft Beechjet 400A
178 Beechcraft King Air C90B
180 Beechcraft Starship and
186 Cessna Citation Mustang
217 Lockheed/C-130 Hercules
225 General Dynamics/F-16 Falcon Search SurClaro(F16 NJ Devils)
228 Hawker 800XP
236 McDonald Douglas MD82/Allegiant Air

***** This is an aircraft I created with FSDS2. You can download it from my website listed below. The aircraft is not available anywhere else.

Of course, you can exchange the aircraft for ones you like. There is a copy of the flight plans source file included.

The creators and supporters of the Rwy12 utility.

Author's Note:

After receiving many emails, I find that I am a little off the beaten path. My FS file structure is not the default setup. So as you read these instructions, keep in mind that most of the files will work from anywhere as long as FS knows where they are. If your file structure is C:\Programs Files\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator 9\ it's ok. Just place or check to verify that certain files are in certain folders. I will refer to the above structure as the DEFAULT FILE STRUCTURE, and the following file structure as MY FILE STRUCTURE. Which is: D:\fs2004\ and my scenery files are in D:\fs2k4_scenery\.
I have it this way because I've also done scenery for fs2002 and I didn't want to get the two versions mixed up. (Bet'cha can't guess what the folder name for the fs2002 scenery is). So in explaining where the files go, I'll try not to confuse anyone, but if I do, please contact me for clarification.


If you don't have them already, download Lee Swordy's Traffic Tools v2x and AFCAD2x. Follow the instructions from the files and install them onto your system. While you're at it, download the texture files necessary for this scenery and put them into the main FS texture folder. They are: ASDv2.1, Nova, Nova Gold and NovaSim textures, plus my own custom textures. All are available for free at my website, (the "l" is an L, not a one). You also should download Rwy12 objects/textures. You don't need the complete Rwy12 program. (See the Rwy12 open letter on SurClaro or search file

Using the folders switch, unzip the file to the drive where you have your FS. Using your file manager (Windows Explorer) check to make sure that all the files are in their proper folder.

C:\My Documents\Flight Simulator Files should have the .FLT and .WX files (This is for the Windows XP users.) For all other OS the .FLT and .WX files are under the main FS folder. (I think)
Drive:\FS9 folder\Addon Scenery\scenery should have AF2_*.bgl (Refer to Default file structure if different)
Drive:\FS9 folder\Scenery\World\scenery should have TrafficDesMoines.bgl
Drive:\fs2k4_scenery or Addon Scenery folder\KDSM\scenery should have the kdsm_*.bgl scenery files (The KDSM folder can also go under the Addon Scenery folder if you wish)
If you have Lago's FSE 2004, then check the following:
Drive:\FS9 folder\Lago\FSE\Data\should have DesMoinesIntl.SE2 for Static scenery and
Drive:\FS9 folder\Lago\Common\Tracks\should have DesMoinesIntl.OSC For dynamic scenery

Drive:\FS9 folder\KDSM\xml\contains the Rwy12 xml files for those who need the source files for the Rwy12 objects. If you do not wish to change any of the Rwy12 objects, you can delete these files.

Activating the scenery in FS9:

1. Start FS
2. At the Menu, select Settings
3. Then select Scenery Library
4. Select Add Area
5. Go to where you have the scenery folder in the file structure and just open the scenery name folder ie; (KDSM) Then click OK
6. Set the priority using the "D" Key or the Move Down button or the "U" Key or the Move Up Button
7. Click OK
8. Close FS and re-start
9. At the menu select "Select a Flight"
10. Scroll down to your flight, hightlight and click FLY NOW
You're at the airport of your choice. Go fly.

You should be ready to fly. Happy landings!
Legal stuff. Copyright and Distribution

This scenery is freeware. Copyright John B. Loney, Jr. Feel free to add or change this scenery. Especially if you know a more accurate placement of items. You do not have my permission to make any monetary gain from this scenery. It started out as freeware and it shall remain freeware.
- The author's rights and wishes concerning this archive must be

Copyright 2005 by John B. Loney, Jr. All Rights Reserved.


I do not accept any responsibility for any damage to any system as a result of running this scenery.

As usual, I welcome any comments. I will try to answer as many as I can.

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Have fun and enjoy.