South Jersey Regional KVAY
By John B. Loney, Jr.
December 26, 2004

South Jersey Regional Airport (KVAY) serves Mount Holly and Burlington County and is owned by Aviation Industrial Realty. The paved runway extends for 3911 feet. The facility is at an elevation of 53 feet at a distance of about 4 miles from Mount Holly.

Airport Operational Statistics

Aircraft based on the field: 177
Single engine airplanes: 153
Multi engine airplanes: 19
Jet airplanes: 1
Helicopters: 4


This scenery is version 2. I mostly used Rwy 12 Oject Placer. It's freeware downloaded from SurClaro. There is one building in which i used FSDS2 to create and a custom texture (The Phillips 66 Logo sign) included in this download. I basicly wanted to try Rwy 12 to see how it renders the scenery. I have seen some very, very good uses of Rwy 12 by other designers. I think it's a good tool that I may be using more often. I did South Jersey for FS2002 and updated it for FS2004, but using the same rendering that I used for FS2002. In this version I left the default scenery intact, and added obects from Rwy 12. One Building and sign is from FSDS2. I hope you enjoy this scenery. This will finish my releases for 2004, so until next year, I'd like to wish all my fellow simmers a wonderhul Holiday Season.

I only used 5 aircraft you would have to download for AI use. The rest of the aircraft in the scenery are default aircraft.

AC# Type/Livery Zip Files
129 Cessna Skylane 182R RG
179 Beechcraft Beech 18 and
185 Cessna 310
190 Lake Renegade
191 Maule MT7-260 Tricycle search SurClaro

Of course, you can substitute any of the above aircraft for ones of your chosing. Just remember that the runway is only 3911 feet, so use appropriate aircraft. A copy of the flight plans source file is included in this download.

The Rwy12 team for a really nice design utility.


If you don't have them already, download Lee Swordy's Traffic Tools v2x and AFCAD2x. Follow the instructions from the files and install them onto your system. While you're at it, download the texture files necessary for this scenery and put them into the main FS texture folder. They are: ASDv2.1, Nova, Nova Gold and NovaSim textures. Also my own custom textures. All are available at my website, Find the file and double click on it. check the "Use stored folders" in the Winzip program or it's eqivalent if you're using another unzip program. The files should be placed into the correct folders.

Start FS and select settings to add the scenery in the usual manner.

You should be ready to fly. Happy landings!
Legal stuff. Copyright and Distribution

This scenery is freeware. Copyright John B. Loney, Jr. Feel free to add or change this scenery. Especially if you know a more accurate placement of items. You do not have my permission to make any monetary gain from this scenery. It started out as freeware and it shall remain freeware.
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Copyright 2004 by John B. Loney, Jr. All Rights Reserved.


I do not accept any responsibility for any damage to any system as a result of running this scenery.

As usual, I welcome any comments. I will try to answer as many as I can.
There is a comprehensive installation instruction available at my website.

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Have fun and enjoy.