SUMU - Carrasco Intl airport - Montevideo, Uruguay

Carrasco/General Cesáreo L. Berisso International Airport commonly known simply by Aeropuerto Internacional de Carrasco in reference to the neighborhood where it is located, is the main airport serving Montevideo, Uruguay, located in the adjoining department of Canelones. It is the largest airport in Uruguay.

The original passenger terminal, presently the cargo terminal, was inaugurated in 1947.

On February 3, 2007, construction began on a new and modern terminal that is located parallel to Runway 06/24. The new terminal, designed by Uruguayan born architect Rafael Viñoly, has the capacity to handle 3 million passengers a year, including a much larger parking area built for over 1200 vehicles. This new terminal building has four jetways, separate floors for arrivals and departures and a large viewing area on the top floor. The terminal has room for expansion for two additional jetways and a maximum capacity of 6 million passengers per year before the building would need actual enlargement. The new terminal was inaugurated on October 5, 2009 with official operations beginning on December 29, 2009. A new US$15 million dollar cargo terminal was also constructed.

Runway 06/24 has been strengthened and lengthened to 3200 meters, which allows airlines to operate non-stop flights to the U.S.A. and Europe. Runway 01/19 was lengthened to 2250 meters and the former Runway 10/28 (rarely ever used) is permanently closed because the new terminal cuts across it.

Using ADEx 1.51, aeronautical maps and Google Earth all these changes have been built into the default FSX airport now making it on par with the present situation.

Installation of the file is easy.
Just put the SUMU_ADEX_MR.bgl and SUMU_ADEX_MR_CVX.bgl file in your Addon Scenery/scenery folder of FSX.
Copy the SUMU_ADEX_MR_OBJ.bgl file into the Scenery/Global/Scenery folder of FSX.

Uninstalling can be done by removing both files from this directory.

This file is tested and should not harm your computer but use this file at your own risk.

August 2012
Menno C. Robert
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