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Heinkel He P1079B/II Prototype

Extract the files to a temp folder, the P1079b folder will then be found in
a folder called "p1079b", copy the p1079b folder and then
paste this folder directly into the "Program files/Microsoft games/FS2002/Aircraft" folder.

Start FS2002 and select Heinkel e.t.c.

The aircraft will now be available to fly.

This was the second design (Entwurf II) for the He P.1079B all-weather heavy fighter. The wings were swept back sharply and contained six fuel tanks. Two He S 011 jet engines were located in the wing roots and were fed by intakes in the wing leading edges. A crew of two sat back-to-back in the cockpit, and armament was to be four MK 108 30mm cannon. No evidence has been found that the P.1079 projects were ever submitted to the RLM, but it is known that designer Siegfried G√ľnter, along with his engineers Eichner and Hohbach, were working on these designs under U.S. supervision during the summer of 1945.

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Model, animation, cockpit and cockpit views e.t.c. all produced by myself.

All guages are default guages from FS2002 Pro aircraft.

I have also included the G-Max file.

Happy Flying