Here's my version of a Maverick Jet for FS2004. To install, simply
unzip the ZIP file into the main subfolder of FS2004 (where the FS9.EXE
file resides). In that way, the custom gauges will be placed automatically
in the correct subfolder. DO NOT unzip the package into the \AIRCRAFT
subfolder of FS2004, and be sure to duplicate the original folder structure
when unzipping.

REFLECTIVE TEXTURES: To display reflective textures, you need to go into
the Options/Settings/Display/Aircraft menu and check the box marked
"Reflections." Keep in mind that this will probably result in a significant
reduction in frame rate. If the box is not checked, the aircraft will
display normal, non-reflective textures.

I hereby declare this aircraft package to be in the Public Domain.
Anyone may use it for any nonviolent purpose, including commerce, without
permission. It should not harm your computer but, if you imagine it has, I
accept no liability.

Chuck Dome