Visit Rick Pipers superb Hanger to obtain numerous repaints of the Viscount 800 plus his 700 version and also the Vickers Vanguard along with the HS748!

FS2002 Pro Vickers Viscount 800 (FSDS2 Updated).

Improved shape parts.
adjusted flap animation.
all gear re-timed to be slightly out of sync with each other.
Rolling wheels.
Working Suspension.
Reflective Textures.
Shiny Glass effect.
Proper Keyframe animation.
much better framerate.
+ lots more.

(Please change sound & Panel folders to use in FS2002 std).

Unzip to your FS2002 folder.

I have decided to model just one Ariel configuration,
as just about every 800 series Viscount has a different arangement of antenna positions (802 modeled).
if I make every set of layouts I will have about 15 seperate models for you to download & I don't have the space to keep them.
Sorry to all you Anorak types (I love you really!).

Press (i) for Smoke.
Ctrl F2 decrease prop pitch (decent).
Ctrl F3 Increase prop pitch.
The Vickers Viscounts have no Prop Pitch Reverse. (use spoiler key to emulate Ground Pitch Fine (props act like 10 foot disk)
No Logo Lighting on Tail Fin. (Some may have).
No Strobes on any of the aircraft that I have visited (Some may have strobes).

Please note this aircraft model is a work-in-progress (I am never happy!).
and Must Not be uploaded anywhere on the Internet!! without my permission
If you want to repaint it, you must e mail me first.
a) So I can give permission.
b) So I know which livery your painting (so I don't paint it).
c) So that I can put your repaint on my Website (If it's good enough!!! only kidding.)

Strictly No reverse engineering of Model at all. (ACM users)
I will persue Copyright violations to the Death !!!!.

The Flight dynamics are Copyright (if you want to alter them, that is fine But you cannot upload it to the internet without my permission!)
I will give permission if you stick to the above rules.

Copyright Rick Piper 07/12/02.

New Textures (Multi Layer system for Paintshop Pro & Photoshop developed By Mr 'X' & Myself).
I cannot make the multi Layer Paintkit available (Mr 'X's condition which I must comply with) but he may change his mind ?.
if you want a livery painted using the paintkit , send your request to my e mail address & will see what I can do.

The flight model is Improved (Thanks Gerry& Manny). I have slowed roll rate Quote from Viscount pilot "like driving a truck!" very slow roller.

Any parts that need to be modified/added/removed Please let me know ASAP.

Faults that I am aware of!!!
Nose gear suspension linkage is animated incorrectly & i will fix it when I can.

Parts used because they are great & saved me time!
Excellent Freeware Pilot Figure by Dave Eckert. (aka Daviator) Thanks for permission Dave!
Animated Propeller texture by Massimo Taccoli (I have permission).
Screenshot of Viscount panel used for VC Texture (Panel by Dave Haskell). (I have permission from Dave)

Kindest regards.

Many thanks to all the people that have helped me with this project.
Please enjoy & keep it freeware! .