This is how to install rainbow smoke:
1. Open the file (extraction is not manditory).
2. Open the Rainbow Smoke Colors folder and copy all the .fx files.
3. Minimize the .zip file and open the Flight Simulator 9 folder.
4. Open the effects folder and paste the .fx files that you copied (this may take a minute or two, so be pateint)
5. Close the effects folder and maximize the .zip file.
6. Open the Rainbow Smoke.txt file and copy ALL THE TEXT.
7. Re-minimize the .zip file and re-open the the Flight Simulator 9 file.
8. Open the aircraft folder and go to the folder of the plane you want to add the smoke to. e.g. extra300.
9. Open the aircraft.cfg file within that folder.
10. Paste the text that you copied and indent "[fltsim.0]"
11. Close all folders and files and save all changes.
12. Play Flight Simulator 2004 and fly in the changed plane.
13. Activate smoke system (default key "I") pre or midflight.
14. Go to spot plane, tower, or top-down view to see the smoke.
Since this is another person's file modified, I will use his disclaimer which is: Please feel free to post this addon on any website, or modify it as much as you want as long as you put my name (John Carr-Murrell) on the readme. Belive me I will check!