Replacement prop texture for an FSX installation of the excellent Howard 500 with VC for FS2004 by Milton Shupe, Scott Thomas, and Joáo Paz.

The FS2004 original file can be found at various sites as “”. It operates well in FSX SP2, but the prop texture doesn’t appear correctly in FSX (see screenshot).

Extract the “hw5vc4” files to a temporary folder, install the Effects folder in the FSX main folder, then open the Aircraft folder and install “hw5vc4” folder into SimObjects>Airplanes. Now extract/install my two texture files into the texture folder of “hw5vc4”, when asked do you want to overwrite click yes. I’ve included a thumbnail so it will show when selecting this aircraft to fly.

Note: I've tested this texture set using the entry above and all displayed and operated normally on my PC. Use at your own risk. I take no responsibility for any harm to your PC or files claimed due to their use.

That’s it, you’re good to go!


Chuck Lawsen
[email protected]