Billund Airport
Photorealistic scenery for FS2000

----ยจ--------- FEATURES ---------------

1. A more realistic runway,
With custom made lines,
which fits into the
landscape, and look better
than default runways.

2. Photorealistic ground textures

3. Night lighted signs

4. some buildings (updating will me made!!!)

5. Taxi-lines

6. Compatibility with my danish
replacement-textures, and other


1. Unzip this archive to your FS2000 scenery folder.

2. Run FS2000 and activate the scenery.

3. After installation, exit FS and add THE TWO LAST LINES of the following to the section conserning EKBI in scenery.cfg:

Exclude=N55 45,E9 7.00,N55 44,E9 12,All
Flatten.0=247,N55 45,E009 06,N55 45,E009 13,N55 43,E009 13,N55 43,E009 06

ILS information:

Rwy 09: D 111.7 BIL NDB: Lima Oscar, LO 341
Rwy 27: D 110.7 LEL NDB: Gulf Echo , GE 395

This is version 1.9, a version with updated ground texture and the new terminal. Updating will be made on the buildings, to make them photorealistic and accurate as well. Check my homepage for updates.

I recommend you use this scenery with my Danish replacement-texture set, available from

Also look for my other creations there.

Please mail comments, corrections, anything is welcome!



I made this scenery with Airport 2.60 build 106 and TerraBuilder Lite V1.93, thanks to the people who makes these programmes. They are great tools! Also Thanks to Manfred Moldenhauer for the Scasm compiler!

Thanks to Christian Ovesen (Author of Aalborg scenery) for the light macros!!!

A BIG thank you to Johnny Andersson for bitmaps of signs.

Legal stuff:

Use of the texture files may not be used and altered for other scenery designs.

This scenery is freeware.

Therefore, you may not distribute it on CD-ROM or disks or the like that is distributed to a large number of people in order to make money with it or any other commercial products or purposes. These rules apply to both the scenery in whole as well as parts of it.
I cannot be responsible for any damage attributed to the download and use of these files.
Use this scenery at your own risk. I do not accept any liability for its use and any damage that it may cause.

I have tested this scenery with good results (good framerates, apparently on bugs), and expect no problems if run in FS2000. The cenery is not compatible with other sceneries, apart from my own.