MFSG Macau International Airport 2012 (VMMC) Improved Afcad


This AFCAD file is for use with Syamsani Shamsuris (Malaysian Flight Simulator Group) outstanding
freeware rendition of Macau International Airport 2012(VMMC) available at www.SurClaro.

Offset Localizer RWY16
Corrected Identifiers and Frequencies ILS RWY34 and LOC RWY16


Replace the file VMMC_ADE9_ADE.BGL with the included version.

**********Known Issues****************************************************************************

Runway lighting is incorrect (coded into scenery, unable to change)
PAPIs are mislocated (coded into scenery, unable to change)


Syamsani Shamsuris (MFSG) for the outatanding rendition of Macau International Airport 2012(VMMC).
Jon Masterson (ScruffyDuck Software) for Airport Design Editor (ADE).
The Microsoft Flight Simulator Team which made it all possible.


The author is not responsible for any damage, real or imagined, which may result from the use of this product. Though it should be harmless, use at your own risk. No warranty is offered.


Tom Finley