FS2002/FS2004 Features For Pilotable USSR Helicopter carrier Leningrad (download from
My AddOn provides a pilotable ship with bridge and many deck views, sounds and special effects.
Some views showes Kamov Ka-27 on the flight deck. Don't blame me because they are not parking in a straight direction - I did not have appropriate photographs.
Bitmaps and configuration by Erwin Welker


1. Install my folder "Helicoptercarrier Leniningrad" with my panel, sound, aircraft.cfg and airfile first.

2. Copy the Gauges and Effects into the mainfolder of FS2004. I can't test my addon in FS2002 but normally all CFS2 stuff runs in FS2002 and also the gauges and effects should work.

3. Make a download from:

Ext. Link:

Make a download, not by clicking the download button but by choosing the text above the description: The text is like that: (Download file: HTTP (EU), Torrent)

File: 16332_Proekt1123_2004dlyaAvsima

4. Copy from the zipfile !!only!! the Model.L and the Texture.L into the folder for the pilotable version, named "Helicoptercarrier Leniningrad"
!!!Do not copy the sim.cfg! It is only for ai-ship!!!

My AddOn is only for FS2004 or FS2002
For FSX versions see also:

Initiate all of the light effects with the L-key, fire the missiles to 12 o'clock direction by using the key or the strobe light switch or sea a time delayed remote explosion at 9 o'clock using the key for Smoke system (I-key).

Views: Use the numpad keys. For some extra views please hit key5 first (shift funktion) and then other numbers regarding the desired direction.

ZZ: (Autopilot disengage): Ships typhoon horn
Shift E (Exit open/close): Alarm bells
G (Gear/Gun): Helicopter

Many thanks to the unknown person who made this detailed ship.
Many thanks to all of the creative persons, who do such a great work in making gauges, effects and sounds and other great stuff.

This file is FREEWARE. It should not harm your computer, but you install it on your own risk.
Feel free to copy or to distribute it, but don't make any money with it. It is not permitted to use it for commercial-purpose.


More Files with my work at SurClaro or (Searchkey: WELKER)

Any comments to:

Happy landings

Erwin Welker

18Th December 2011