FS2004 DG1000 - Jantar Standard Fictional Glider

FS98 DG1000 model designed by Juergen Zimmermann.

Install: FS2004 AIRCRAFT/SzDG1000

That's all.

The flight dynamics is fully fictional, not realistic.
Extreme high glide ratio and speeds and weights.
About near real parts are the fs9 handling, sounds and panel.
Speedmeter working in kts, but that's reading in km/h (100 kts = 100 km/h)
same like a Jantar Standard type.
This is a 'dream glider' simulation (target-return, final glide ect).
Aerobatics (and Ag works .. :) drived positiv - negativ spin simulation.
Belly landing. The panel_x3s,cfg works with the extra300 airspeed,
change to panel.cfg, as you like it.
The file before's fixed version: aileron, elevator, touchdown, panel, sounds.

Default FS9 glider start: Y F4 Y

Good Luck,